AgentPress to Become a Genesis Child Theme

In October of last year, we launched the AgentPress website, which provided a solution for real estate agents who wanted to use WordPress. Now, nearly 6 months later, we've launched the Genesis Theme Framework which has become the foundation of all of our future themes. We are very proud to announce that … [Read more...]

The Genesis Theme Framework Launches

We are very happy to announce the release of the Genesis Theme Framework. This has been an ongoing development project for over two months and we're ready for liftoff! In addition, we're also pleased to announce that two child themes are available - the Executive child theme and the Mocha child theme. About … [Read more...]

Introducing the Genesis Framework

I am very happy to announce Genesis - an advanced theme framework for WordPress. This project has been in development for quite a while, and was something that has been on my mind for well over a year. We're closing in on a beta version, something that we are very excited about! About the Genesis Theme … [Read more...]

Logo Image/Dynamic Text Now an Option

I am very happy to announce that a new feature has been added to StudioPress themes - previously all of our themes came with a logo image that was used in the header. Many people like using an image in that spot, but it became clear that a lot of users assumed that the blog title would show in the header … [Read more...]

Corporate Theme Adds Blue Color Style

I am very happy to announce that the Corporate theme now includes a blue color style, which will be added to the theme download. Take the Corporate Blue demo or you can see an example of the blue color scheme in the screenshot below. As a quick aside, I just wanted to say that we are working towards … [Read more...]

Buy One Theme Package, Get One Free

We are very pleased to announce that as we are now offering a Spring special for our theme packages - BUY ONE STUDIOPRESS THEME PACKAGE, GET ONE FREE!. Yes, you heard that correctly - for $59.95, you can have access to 2 professionally designed WordPress themes and support! How can you take advantage of … [Read more...]

Individual Theme Affiliate Links

I just wanted make an announcement that we have enabled Hop Links in the affiliate program to now direct to our theme sales pages. Previously all links that you found in your E-Junkie account directed to the main StudioPress url. Also you can use StudioPress Discount Coupons from our blog and other social … [Read more...]