How to Easily Add a Twitter “Follow” Button to Your Blog

Recently I decided to go through my site and look for things that I felt it was missing. I noticed I was lacking an easy way for folks to follow me on Twitter.

While I do have a Twitter link in my sidebar, I strategically identified a location I thought might be a good place for the Twitter “Follow” button.

Here’s a screenshot of the “after entry” widget on my blog:

Twitter Follow Button

I’m not sure if this will distract folks from signing up for my newsletter, but there’s only one way to find out. I don’t see anything wrong with experimenting, right?

I searched how to add a Twitter “Follow” button and found that this was extremely easy to do. Thankfully Twitter has such great documentation for developers.

If you’re geeky and want to check out the comprehensive explanation (and parameters) you can head over to the developer page on adding a “Follow” button.

Below is the code you can use to display various “Follow” buttons. Obviously you’ll want to replace the bgardner mentions with your own Twitter username.

Large button, with follower count

Large button, no follower count

Medium button, with follower count

Medium button, no follower count


  1. Thanks Brian,

    Adding a Twitter button is on my list of things to do as the take up of our newsletter was slow when we had a sign up form.

  2. 21.6K? Nice.

    Thanks for the tip, Brian.

  3. Where would it be best for the “script” part of the code to go?

  4. Is there anyway to overwrite the css to styling the twitter button?

  5. Brian – once again you have provided us with a beautiful little nugget of great code – this worked so easy – thx very much!!

  6. Wonderful advice, thanks Brian!

  7. That was an excellent idea. Looks very attractive also..