How Developers are Driving the Business Adoption of WordPress [Infographic]

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Late last summer WordPress conducted a survey asking users how they put WordPress to work.

Matt Mullenweg presented some of the findings at his WordCamp San Francisco keynote, with all of the raw data from the survey being made public shortly after.

Some interesting facts appeared in the data about WordPress users that identify themselves as developers. Indirectly, the numbers show how WordPress developers are driving the adoption of WordPress by the business community.

We’ve placed that data in the infographic below for you. Note that a higher resolution image is viewable by clicking the infographic itself …

WordPress for Business


  1. Good stuff Josh. I love seeing how other design firms and freelancers are using WordPress. The 61% of CMS usage certainly helps support that WordPress is far from just a blogging platform!

  2. WordPress with a good theme / framework is an excellent base for a flexible business website.

    Am looking at customising the Admin sections as well shortly so looking to get into that very small segment 😉

  3. Nice Infographic! I use WordPress for most of my sites!

  4. Awesome…nice to see freelancers using WordPress to built websites and when it comes to themes StudioPress quality is unmatched….:)

  5. Great graphic. I recall seeing a statistic recently that around 15% of internet sites today are based on WordPress. Anyone know where this comes from?

    • I believe that information comes from the same survey as the infographic information, if I’m not mistaken.

      • That data has come from Automattic. They have included it in several of their recent presentations.

        • Thanks, I found the original reference, and it is indeed from the same survey that this infographic is built from. In particular, it says that “14.7% of the top million websites in the world … are running WordPress.” I’m still not sure how they determine what puts a website in the top million …

  6. Wow only 8% of developers use WordPress strictly as a blog. I guess that makes sense considering there aren’t many pro bloggers compared to business who would actually pay for a website. Still pretty shocking.

  7. Thanks for all the positive comments! There is a lot more data in the survey to be mined as well!

  8. From looking at the source code of recent sites, I think the percentage of WordPress use is higher in my area for freelancers and companies. I see most buying templates and only changing content and logo images.

  9. Hi Josh
    “Note that a higher resolution image is viewable by clicking the infographic itself …”
    Easy to read as it is.

    I remember producing sketches for clients, moving on to a comp in Fireworks and then producing the html and CSS for the site itself.
    Took a month of Sundays, once you added in the hacks for IE. LOL

    Then I discovered WordPress and Genesis!
    Now I meet clients, explain about WordPress and Genesis built in SEO etc, take a few screenshots of Genesis themes that I think would be suitable and let the client choose a theme.

    The only thing that hasen’t changed… is getting content from the client.

    Appreciate the data Josh

  10. I love this infographic. Very interesting.

  11. Interesting info-graphic, good work! There is nothing so far that we haven’t been able to achieve for clients with WordPress as a CMS. I refuse to work with anything else!

  12. Very nicely done and very interesting!

  13. Cool information. It looks like that working for a company make developer’s life easier 😀

  14. Great infographaic with some interesting information.

  15. Great write up, Not really a subject I have thought about but I enjoyed reading it 😉 thanks

  16. Hi! I think the Studiopress Genesis Framework is great! I often use for my projects and it works very good. Thanks a lot for the great work!

  17. I am wondering what is the best resource or the most important place to learn how to customize themes with the Genesis framework?

    I’m betting on the Genesis Forums but is there a book or anything that could speed things up?

    Thanks in advance!


    • You can find some getting started tips here:
      I would also recommend doing a search for “Genesis tutorials” – there are a lot of Genesis users within the community who have shared extensive customization tips.
      The support forum is more for configuration and initial setup – but if you have a specific customization question, it won’t hurt to post it there as well and see if a community member has an answer.

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