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Simple CSS question

Hello everyone, I’m trying to set an image background for a widget area but i get this result (not for all images i tried to use, but for the most of them). Screenshot: The website in not live so any tip would be appreaciated! If it’s impossible to find the solution, maybe i can […]

Importing Fonts off Server via CSS

I have 3 total fonts uploaded to the server that I’d like to use on this particular site. The issue I’m having is getting them to correctly import. The three file names are: Fh_Hyperbole_Regular_otf.otf – hyperbole framd.tff – franklin gothic medium FRNKGOTN.TFF – franklin gothic boook What is the best way to do this? I’ve […]

Instructions for media css code

Is there a tutorial or set of instructions to use media css to adjust responsive themes for various size browsers? My tech person has been trying to figure it out and since I know some CSS myself, I am wondering if it’s something I could just learn for the future. Working with ExecutivePro. Thanks!

css not changing – Executive Pro

Hi there, I’ve changed the font size of the site I’m working on from 16px to 14px but it’s not showing up on the site. I’m using Executive Pro – which I’ve used many times before and my changes have always shown up straight away. When I inspect via Firebug, it’s still showing the original […]

Need help with css border on articles

Hi, I used this code to border my archive posts in categories. However it also put a border on articles and widgets on my homepage. I tried few things, but nothing worked. Does anyone know how can I remove the border from posts and keep it around the posts on archive (category page)? Example of […]

Centric: Same CSS for color of header background and button hover effect?

If you look at right now, you’ll see I have a white header background. A little further down (under “get a free marketing audit”) you’ll see the button hover effect has a white background also. The same CSS seems to control both of these elements. Perhaps I’m not editing the stylesheet properly, but firebug […]

Magazine Pro – How to CSS Increase site-inner edge-to-edge but not Header/Nav

Good news/bad news Trying to use edge-to-edge Beaver Builder Templates with Magazine Pro and Extender. I have edge to edge, but problem is Header and Nav are edge to edge, too. Good News – I managed (a hack) to make Beaver Builder Template edge-to-edge with Magazine Pro! Key: eliminating Magazine pro margin/padding. When I […]

Mimimum Pro need CSS help

Ok, I am stumped, can’t figure this one out…. Two questions: 1) I am trying to remove the thin white line between the home page image and the purple footer area. See here: 2) I set the top margin to zero for site-tagline to get rid of the other white space between the home […]

Image flip boxes/css anima. on front page

Hello all I really need some help. I’ve been searching all over the internet for a solution to my problem. Im using the Enterprise Pro. I want the following 3 featured pages (rat, building, wasps) on to be images instead, with text appearing/read more when hovering. The idea is just like the flip boxes […]

Add CSS Code Snippets To Executive Pro

I got spoiled with Prose! Is there an easy way to add CSS code snippets to Executive Pro? And I noticed when i moved my blog from Prose to Executive the added CSS seemed to disappear. I wanted to add code to create boxes in the text. Thanks!