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Footer widget width css is not working

I have placed below code in jetpack css editor to change my footer widget width. I wanted to display my footer for 1400px. It worked for some days. From two days it is not working. Can any one tell me solution. .footer-widgets { background-color: #000; clear: both; font-size: 16px; color: #fff; max-width: 1400px; } .widget […]

Altitude Pro hr CSS

Hi I’m trying to change the colour of the hr tag from grey to red but it’s not working. hr { margin: 0 auto 30px; width: 25%; background-color: #ab1600; } I also tried it as a border, but the red border sat on top of the regular grey hr.

iPhone appearance – CSS?

Hi there, Yesterday for the first time I noticed how my site is looking on an iPhone. I’m pretty sure that when I was designing it I wouldn’t have left the text all scrunched over to the left and so small. Something has changed? There’s been a WP update and a Genesis update. I need […]

Coding CSS and Using Firebug

A little explanation would help me here: When I look at firebug I get this HTML <div class=”entry-content”> <p style=”text-align: left;”> The link to shopping takes you on an internet Shopping experience. You can also save money and find opportunities to make money. You will find a wide range of products that can be directly […]

Help with Lifestyle css style sheet

Hello, I want to add some links to posts of my choosing with anchor text of my choosing (different from post title) to a widget so I’m using a text widget to accomplish this. What I’m using is HTML for image, and I want it to look like this But I have no idea what […]

Working on CSS Changes

Hi I am working through LifeStylePro CSS file. At the beginning there is this code. .lifestyle-pro-purple .archive-pagination li a:hover, .lifestyle-pro-purple .archive-pagination a, .lifestyle-pro-purple .entry-title a:hover, .lifestyle-pro-purple a { color: #fd6600; } I want to change the font size for the links only and not the Website Title so I added this “font-size: 14px;” and […]

Alternate .css sheet for Blog Page, not catching

I’m trying to replace the main .css stylesheet for a Page I’ve created called “blog1” (“blog1” lists all postings.) I used WPSites (Brad Dalton’s code – thanks Brad-easy to follow instructions). It works on all pages, except the new blog1 page I created. Anyone have any idea why this is not working? Code seems correct […]

Magazine Pro – Where is Mobile CSS

I am building Tables in <div> for Responsive. On the site I have table-cells width 50% and it works great. I want to code them to be 100% on mobile so the columns stack. Where do I go to add CSS for mobile? I tried adding this CSS to @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) […]

Understanding CSS for my Child Theme

Hi I am trying to work through the CSS for LifestylePro. I have assumed that this Genesis SIte has all the code and the CSS allows me to make specific changes without affecting the Genesis Code. One of the ways to learn is change some of the code such as colours and see what happens. […]

Magazine Pro – CSS Homepage questions

The header section expands out to 1140px, but the other home page widget sections do not. This looks pretty goofy. How can I limit the header pieces? In the Genesis Responsive Slider Section, I want to fill the full page width with the logo images, 2 or 3 across, not just one, and I want […]