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Where is the Mobile CSS

Hi, I am using Executive Pro theme. I would like to change the bg colour of the nav for the mobile site, but I can’t find the Mobile CSS. Can someone please let me know where to find it? Thank you.

Can I change the location of the entry meta with CSS only?

Hi all, My website uses the Cafe Pro theme and the entry meta sits above the title of my posts. I’d like to move it so it’s displayed between the title and the body. Is it possible to do this without going into PHP – using only custom CSS? I’m with Rainmaker and don’t have […]

css problem I cannot figure out on woocommerce shop pages

Hello everyone, this is a product category page. The page title and breadcrumbs all the info at the top is the wrong color. But if I change it, it changes also on the other “regular pages”. I want to change it only on woocommerce archive pages. Spent hours trying, can’t figure out what to […]

What Do I Need To Change In The CSS File To Achieve This?

Hi, I’m using the old eleven40 theme. What code can i add to my css stylesheet to decrease the empty space between the widgets area. For example: Widget 1: Recent posts Empty space Widget 2: Text widget Best regards, Jim

Genesis: Add CSS Class Around Entry Title

Hey folks, for a customized child theme, based on genesis I have to put a div with a css class around the entry title. Result should be: <div class="new-class"><h1 class="entry-title" itemprop="headline">Any Headline</h1></div> Any suggestions how to do that smart (HTML5) in the functions.php of the child theme? Thank you so much in advance!!! Martin

Whitespace Pro Css Modification of Secondary Nav Menu hover color

Hi. I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction. I’m using Whitespace Pro child theme for I customized the background color to #222 so now the hover menu color can’t be seen. I’m pretty good at adjusting the CSS but this whitespace pro is a more modern theme and I’m having […]

updating the version in the css href

I have been editing a child theme’s css and now are having trouble with folks seeing the changes. Ideally, I would like to update the version to be 3.0.1 rather than the 2.1.2 that it is on now. How do I do this? I have tried editing the Version in the css file, no dice. […]

Can't override Genesis style.css with my child Theme

Hey everyone, I have a big problem with my style.css First I downloaded the Genesis Sample Theme, to costumize it, then I tried to edit the style.css in the sample theme, but only my changes of the body are shown at my site. .entry { margin-bottom: 40px; padding: 50px 60px; border-radius: 6px; } This is, […]

HTTP upload errors & slow after changing header area with CSS in Beautiful Pro

Resistance is futile. I need help. OS: Windows 7, fully updated Primary browser: chrome Beautiful Pro Theme I’m going to try and anticipate some common questions by writing everything I can think of. If you just want to get straight to the CSS start reading after the dotted line. This is probably 50 percent tech […]

Custom CSS in single text widget

Hi all using Magazine pro, trying to do some custom css in a text widget, the widget is text-5 so tried defining it under .sidebar .widget like so .sidebar .widget { margin-bottom: 10px; } .sidebar .widget .textwidget .text-5 { margin-bottom: 200px; } This seems to work until I add another text widget to the sidebar, […]