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IE Specific CSS

Hi Everyone, Wondering if anyone knows how to add Internet Explorer specific CSS to a Genesis installation? I’m having some basic issues with borders and want to get around it by adding some specific IE CSS. I’m having trouble locating where I should place my code. I’ve made some changes to the child theme function.php […]

AgentPress Pro – Need help with navigation & widget widths CSS

Hello, I’d love to have my navigation (SITE WIDE), home-top, and home middle 1 areas bleed off the screen as does the footer widget area. I want the text/elements to remain with the same margin, but I’d really like the same effect that the footer widget area has – full screen background color. I’ve tried […]

CSS for Genesis colored buttons

Hi I have just started adding the element to add coloured buttons to my posts using the tutorial here: Which works perfectly. However. I want to create fairly long buttons that act as call to actions in my blog posts but i want the buttons to span the full width of the post not […]

AgentPress Pro CSS Error on 404 Page

Hi Guys, Can anyone suggest a CSS fix to display the ‘Search’ button next to the search filed on the right side. Many Thanks, Tom

style.css – load last

Hello how can I make sure that style.css is loaded last after I have loaded some stylesheet for e.g. 3rd party fancy box and slider css files? thanks

My CSS edits are not showing

I am trying to reduce space between the widgets in my sidebar and the changes are not showing. Other changes to the stylecss file are coming through. I am trying to reduce the space in the primary sidebar of, which uses News Pro. I thought I had a problem with using W3 Total Cache […]

css center footer widget eleven 40

Hey there! anyone know how to make the three footer widgets be nicely next to each other in the middle of the page? Thanks in advance /Maja

Winning Agent Search Bar CSS

Hi, I am trying to get my site’s search bar to look like the demo site’s search bar ( However, no matter what I try I can’t successfully add padding to the <select> elements to make them jumbo size like they are on the demo. I’ve compared CSS between the two and can’t see where […]

WooCommerce CSS help

Hi. I’m working on my first WooCommerce project (what a pain) for my crazy uncle. I activated that Genesis Connect for WooCommerce, and then I dequeued the WooCommerce stylesheets. The shop page looks great! But, the styling and elements for the product description, review are gone (the boxes around the description, review box, the stars […]

CSS Header for Genesis Sample

Hi There, I am new to CSS, and have a Sample Genesis theme. I want to upload a custom header. I have followed the instructions here: But seem to get stuck with the actual image upload. This is what I have changed the CSS to: .header-image .site-header .wrap { background: url(images/Jemimas-3.png) no-repeat left; padding: […]