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css buttons inherit active and hover color of default

Hi. I’ve got a client who is overzealous about styling at the website: On this page: a grey box sits near the bottom, before the footer with text and 2 buttons. I’ve tried everything to make those buttons have white text. But it seems the colors are defaulting to the inherited active links […]

Print only a small portion of page using CSS? Using Sample theme

It seemed like a simple thing, and with a whole lot of tutorials online using css and javascript, etc, I thought I’d get something to work. But I haven’t. My WordPress and CSS skills are getting better, and I really did try, but just couldn’t find a solution. I’m making a website using the Genesis […]

Entry Meta CSS

I’m using some hooks to remove post info and entry meta, and add them only to the end of my post. I’ve used the following in my functions.php to move them: //* Remove the entry meta in the entry footer (requires HTML5 theme support) remove_action( 'genesis_entry_footer', 'genesis_post_meta' ); add_action( 'genesis_after_entry_content', 'genesis_post_meta' ); //* Move the […]

editing style.css changes site after a few hours

I’m using eleven40 pro. When I am making edits to my website style.css it seems to be taking a long time to refresh and display the edits. I can change any of the site, like <h1> to 50px font size and nothing changes for at least an hour. I can make changes, but they take […]

How to center Logo on Modern Portfolio Pro? And Nav under? in CSS.

I been stuck on this for a couple of hours now. Please help.

Strange "CSS / JS minify cache" Error notice?

I’m now getting this error message on my site: “Recently an error occurred while creating the CSS / JS minify cache: No sources to serve.” I tried clearing all caches in W3TC. Has anyone heard of this or does anyone have a clue how to fix it? BTW, I also have StudioPress Accelerator. Thanks. Ken

Foodie ads not showing and CSS padding question

Hello! Today I’ve made the switch from the Blissful to Foodie theme and have stumbled across a couple of questions, I’m hoping the community here can help answer for me. 1) I’ve inserted Google ads into the ‘Top Ad’ widget ‘Footer 3′ widget and also a sidebar text widget. The ads show up when I […]

Recommended developer CSS customization – Enterprise Pro Theme

Hello guys, I would like to know a recommended developer or freelancer company to help me with a CSS customization This is the website: So, this the job: I have kind of Javascript ‘motor’ that runs in my index, i gotta the same code running at the Primary Sidebar too: I would like […]


hey guys can you help me out with this ASAP!!!!!!! watch it here: where i recorded a little screencast on what i need Help With THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

Can anyone solve this VERY advanced CSS problem?

I have a custom post type that uses the normal WordPress title However, these titles will be used for domain names. Basically, I need to find a way to wrap a <span> tag around the second word in a domain but here’s the problem, because it’s a domain name, there won’t be a space between […]