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Applying CSS to Links on Current Page

I’ve recently started working with wordpress and with the site up and running I want to add a few cosmetic changes. I’m using genesis with a fairly modified executive pro child theme. The issue I’m having is getting my side bar links to change background color when the page is current (visual feedback, so the […]

CSS help on Parallax Pro

Need help identifying the white line above section 1 image. Using parallax pro theme, I revised site title to display overlapping the site header div. This creates a white line above the section 1 image. I haven’t been able to target the white line in CSS. Thanks.

Child Theme – Copy full CSS from parent?

Hello, when you create a child theme for a client on basis of the Genesis Framework, do you start the CSS file by copying the style.css from the parent theme or do you just insert your custom styles in the child’s CSS file as the parent CSS styles are applied anyhow. I am asking because […]

CSS border help

Hi! At the bottom of my page I have used a plugin to create a grid blog post. The border is set to 1px. This creates what appears to be a 2px vertical line between the two boxes. I would like to make this look like 1px, like by moving the right box 1px to […]

CSS editing in Genesis vs ftp

Hi, I have been using FTP to edit CSS. I have never used the CSS editor in Genesis. Is it more simple and effective to edit CSS from dashboard or from FTP ?

Focus Pro – Navigation CSS Overlapping Dropdown Options

Hi, I have two About pages for a website I’m working on, so I have the “About” label in the navigation not go anywhere and when you hover over it, you get the drop down menu with the two sub-navigation items. However, the second item is partially obscuring the first item, and the boxes are […]

Changing the default hyperlink color on style css – education pro theme

Hi everyone, I’m using the education pro child theme and I’m trying to change the text hyperlink color on style css but can’t seem to find where to edit that function. Currently the hyperlinks have a very grey color which makes it hard to see with the background and im trying to change the color […]

Question from a CSS newb

Hi! I’m having a general CSS question. I hope someone could give me some hints on this:) Take a look at my page. I you scroll down a little bit (till the background gets white) you will see that I have made som grey boxes with text and images in. This is the CSS I […]

Search Widget Custom CSS

Hi there, I would like to know how to customize the css for a widget that I use on my agent press pro theme. I would like to get the sold press search widget to look like the agent press search widget. my site is located at If someone could help explain how to […]

Making css changes to

Hi all, I want to make css changes to the the #featured-top and #featured-bottom tags in my metro theme: #featured-top .featuredpost .post p { font-size: 14px; margin: 10px 0 0; padding: 0; } and also to: #featured-bottom .featuredpost img, #featured-bottom .featuredpage img, #featured-top .featuredpost img, #featured-top .featuredpage img { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 […]