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CSS question background color for featured widget

Hi, I’m using outreach pro. On the homepage there is a widget section “home-bottom” for the homepage that I’m trying to add a background color on a specific widget element. If you look at any of my sub page links you will see a blue contact form on the left sidebar. But when I add […]

Header all gone wrong. CSS help. :)

Hi, all. I seem to have made a mess of my header, and I’m not quite sure how to fix. In a nutshell, at about 960px and smaller, I’d like all of the content in my header to stack and center. The order would be: 1. Logo (.header-image .site-title > a) 2. WHRN Member Directory […]

How to add css icon for post info ?

Hello I want add icon for post_date, post_author and post_comments as you see the code below, how to add style for it ? Please help me add the style define for the code below. Thanks add_filter( 'genesis_post_info', 'sp_post_info_filter' ); function sp_post_info_filter($post_info) { $post_info = ' written by '; return $post_info; }

How to add css style to text widget on FrontPage of Altitude Pro theme

I need to make some css style changes to the text widget on the FrontPage2. You can see the page here: With the help of Firebug, I have found the areas that need changing, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to target just the widgets on the front page. I’ve studied […]

CSS creation for 2nd Language?

Hello awesome people. Brief question, I uploaded external specific fonts for the 2nd language of my website , which is Thai , and Google Fonts do not support it as far as I know… So now I know how to make my WPML language plugin to choose different CSS file for the 2nd language. The […]

Unexplained Behaviour by my CSS

Hi, The situation: I want my website to have a traditional Content-Sidebar look, however the default css content width was too wide. The action taken: I went into the css file and adjusted the main width from 1140 to 950. From: .wrap { margin: 0 auto; max-width: 1140px; } To this: .wrap { margin: 0 […]

Inserting Text onto Responsive Nav Menu via CSS

I’m trying to add in some text to our responsive navigation menu… When you decrease the width on the web browser screen or view our website via mobile, our navigation menu automatically adjusts and turns into a drop down with an icon (tiny green bars) to indicate the menu’s location and drop down setting. However, […]

Genesis Respo slider CSS issue

Hi Guys, I had a little bit of a struggle with the Responsive slider. I’ve just figured out that the plugin injects a nasty CSS into the HTML directly instead of using the theme CSS file. The CSS come out just after site title, hmmm not sure it is right for the SEO. Anyways, the […]

My site seems like not having css at all

Hi Could anyone please help me! My site doesn’t seem to be in-line with simple site structure. No idea why would it behave like this? Just bought Genesis framework and installed the genesis sample theme. Please help!

parallax pro and style.css

Greetings– I am having trouble understanding the rendering of the css files. My final goal is to use autoptimizer to render above the fold css inline, and defer the rest. As of now, I am using Jetpack’s custom css to add edit’s to the theme template. After a little research, it looks like I should […]