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Outreach Pro Submenu Width CSS

Okay I give up. How can I make the width of the submenus wider so there is no line break? I’ve been hunting and can’t get it to work. Thank you.

Page title and h1 word break / wrap CSS

Hello, I’m using Studiopress Centric Pro theme and have an issue with my page titles and headlines. There’s one Dutch word I’m using “weerbaarheidstrainingen” which doesn’t wrap and destroys my mobile page. I don’t know how I can solve this using CSS, so I’m hoping someone in this forum does?! I’ve tried some word-break […]

Custom CSS for shortcode recent post carousel font

Hello, I’ve created a recent post shortcode carousel within the main page text area and am wanting to know how I can edit the size of the title. It appears in a small grey box at the bottom of the image. I know basic CSS and HTML but it’s been awhile and I am needing […]

Need CSS help

I have added widgets to my website home page. The widgets are showing up on the home page but vertically (one below the other) instead of horizontally (side by side). I would like to style them to have them show up sided by side in a column but I am unable to do so. I […]

CSS ACK! entry-header, logo, ul & li

Structured programming and I are tight, but when it comes to CSS, I want to pull my hair out. Example page: If you look at the metadata under the title, you will see that the links are a different color and underlined. However, when I modify the CSS below it changes the nav menus […]

Genesis eNews Extended CSS Issue

Hey all, just bought my first Genesis theme a few days and have installed the Genesis eNews Extended plugin. Earlier I tried to mess around with the CSS styling but it didn’t turn out as expected. I then uploaded the original CSS file again from Genesis and also from the eleven40 theme I purchased, so […]

Posting CSS Help

I am using Postie to bring in this content from an email and post it to the site. The format gets all messed up on the page. You can see the original format here: We use the exact same method on a standard twenty fourteen them and the format stays in tact. We are […]

Ambiance Pro: How to darken grid images using CSS

Hello, I just bought, Ambiance Pro, it looks like a neat theme. I have one problem though: * On the main page, the white header text on my featured images’ thumbnails is just too hard to read: (this is a staging site) Is it possible to: 1. Darken the featured images’ thumbnails using CSS, […]

CSS positioning confusion

Hi, I am customizing the sample theme from genesis. I have: <div class=site-container> <div class="image-container> <div class="site-inner"> I am trying to get “image-container” and “site-inner” to be on top of each other. Goal is that image container has a background image and when a link is clicked the site inner gets content in it. The […]

How to useGenerate pro style CSS

Hello everyone, I wish to know is it possible to copy Generate Pro CSS style for blog display to work station Pro theme as I really love the blog style, email lead generation and search form in header. Thanks a lot. Amol