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Accordion Slider CSS issues

If anybody out there can help with this I would greatly appreciate it. So I’ve got some code to add that will create an accordion type slider. The html is: AND the CSS is this: I put the html into the simple hooks plugin under the header and then added the css to the main […]

Suggestions for CSS plugin?

Can anyone suggest a good CSS plugin I can use with Genesis to easily modify the CSS??

Lifestyle Pro Theme: Custom CSS file not working

Hi all, I created a custom.css file and uploaded it via FTP on the Lifestyle Pro Theme. I did this so that when a newer version of the theme is updated my css styles won’t be lost. But the original stylesheet.css is overriding any styles that add to my custom.css file?! If anyone could help […]

Sidebar CSS Not Working Anymore

Can anyone tell me why the following css isn’t working for this blog’s sidebars anymore? .sidebar .widget { border-bottom: 1px solid #791B90; margin-bottom: 12px; margin-bottom: 1.2rem; padding: 12px; padding: 1.2rem; text-align: center; } Thanks!

Add Html and CSS code for slider

Hi, I’m trying to add an accordion slider to my home page and I’m using the following html into my simple hooks. No matter how I do it, it looks like this: This code does work because I’ve seen on just standard index page. Here it is and if anyone can tell me what […]

Can You Override Inline CSS???

Is it possible to ovveride inline CSS (or at least edit the template) if it has an ! important tag in it? Agency Pro them (maybe some others) uses inline CSS if you use an image for the header (instead of text). #header { background-size: auto !important; } But that means the background image for […]

CSS code for two widgets side by side in place of home-top

I have created a new widget for home top in the Enterprise theme so that I have two widgets side by side. I have got them working side by side but the text in my home right widget is lower down. I have tried margins and padding to move the text up but nothing seems […]

Customizing CSS on native/builtin WP Gallery – Genesis Hook available?

I am hoping someone here may know the answer to this or if there is a Genesis Hook or other Genesis plugin or tool that may solve this mystery. I am using Genesis + Lifestyle Pro. I am trying to customize the CSS for the native/built-in wordpress gallery. I’d like to simpy change the borders/color […]

Implement external CSS & HTML in executive pro theme

I have purchased custom pricing tables from Codecanyon: but the CSS will not load in my theme. It has custom CSS files located in a folder called “assets”, and in order to load them in my template I have to paste code in wp_head() calling them and upload the assets folder in my directory. […]

Theme Crave CSS Modifications

Guys, i hope the StudioPress could help me, I did send this to Pixelista the crewthat made this theme, but they not answered. I know that they get money to do this, but my issue it willnot so hard to understand, so this waht happens in the sidebar css: as anyone can see here: […]