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Float CSS in Simple Hooks Plugin

I’m trying to get the body text to float to the right of an Adsense unit which I’ve placed in the genesis_entry_header hook using the Genesis Simple Hooks Plugin (couldn’t find a more appropriate one). Here’s the page: Could anyone please advise as to how I get this text to move up to be […]

Custom header css for single.php

The website uses genesis sample theme, and i’ve got the .site-header to be position:absolute, so that it floats over the content for all the pages. But for the single blog pages, I don’t want the .site-header to float over the content. Does anyone know how I can achieve this please? Here’s the site I’m working […]

Agency pro theme css

I am using the agency pro theme.. I am trying to reduce the space between the home-top widget area and the home-middle area..I have looked through the css and cannot find any margin that will change this. does anyone know how to do this??

Beyond plugins. Tutorials for getting my hands dirty with CSS any beyond?

This past year as I have been learning WordPress and slowly built my site, I have studiously avoided any kind of programming beyond simple HTML. I’ve always found plugins to do what I wanted. However, I want to make a few more simple changes to my Executive Pro site, that I don’t think I can […]

.widget-wrap has no CSS code? Why?

Hello, I introduced a widget area to one of my templates with genesis_register_sidebar(). The widget in the template is registered with: `genesis_widget_area( ‘content-latest’, array( ‘before’ => ‘<div class=”content-latest widget-area”>’, ‘after’ => ‘</div>’) ); The genesis_register_sidebar() function adds the <div class="widget-wrap"> to the widget area, but there is no defined CSS class for widget-wrap. I use […]

Centric Pro CSS Centering Question

example: How can I make it so that these 5-7 elements (odd numbers) will be centered in this Centric Pro Genesis theme? I’ve been wracking my brain on this one. Gold stars if anyone can help! They all rag left by default. Sorry for the repost, I put this into the wrong section earlier […]

Can someone help me with css please?

Hi all, I have something that is driving me crazy. On my home page I have some Featured Page widgets, and I have set the title font size to what I like. I also have a text widget on the same page, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to match […]

CSS Hover Link Issues

Hello, I am trying to make the “More-From-Category” links identical to the “more-links” in the middle. Despite using the same CSS to work with it, it somewhat works. The hover works. The hover works on the text only when the mouse is above the text. Also they are only clickable on the text. This is […]

Make CSS changes only effect Desktop design?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to make changes to my CSS so that they only effect the way the design looks when viewed on larger screens- laptops and desktops. Right now, basically out of the box, the mobile version of the site looks awesome and exactly how we want it to but the desktop version […]

Img Center CSS isn't working

Hi, Thanks for attempting to figure out what I did! I know I changed a few CSS items and I was quite happy with it, so I no longer remember what I changed. Today, I realized that my images were no longer centered in my blog posts, but for the life of me I can’t […]