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Question about code and css

Hello, i would like to ask for some help. I use genesis on my website – and i used the “code” tag on this post: (scroll down to 2. please) It looks aweful Is there any way – beside using a syntax Highligting Plugin to get a better result? Or would you recommand to […]

AgentPress Button – CSS Suggestions

What’s up guys and girls of course? I’m usually able to find my CSS with my my inspection tool and change a colors. I’m not too technical with code, but I can usually hack it out. Running into a tough one today, however. All week really. I can’t figure out how to change color change […]

CSS Help in Jane Theme (Post Info/Meta)

I am trying to make it so that the category and tags show on my posts and I am having trouble. I see where in the CSS it is making the post info hidden and the meta show (or maybe I have it backwards, not sure which is which) but I changed what I thought […]

Enterprise Pro – Featured Page CSS

I reduced the size of the Featured Page image to 400 height. It looks fine but the Page Title and Content are no longer aligned vertically with the image. Cannot find the CSS for this. Using of course the Genesis Featured Page widget in Home Top. Anyone know how to change the CSS for this […]

Centric Pro CSS for menu hover background color and text hover color change

Hi, I have Centric Pro and am trying to find the code via firebug for the menu hover background color and text hover color change. Can anybody help with this? Having used WooThemes prior I knew to put the code in Custom CSS. Where do you put the “custom” code in a Genesis framework? Thanks.

How to change the CSS for a theme that is not full-width?

I’m working on a Genesis child theme that is not full-width, but now I’m getting in trouble with the alignment of widgets. I don’t know what to do with the CSS to repair the structure of the site, in other words: to align elements properly (and responsively). The original CSS only suits full-width content. What […]

Genesis Theme Header Size CSS

Hello, I have the Genesis Theme and would like to: – Make the header display its full size of 450 × 150 – Left justify it – make the header area height the same same size as the header so there is not white space above and below

normalize.css – reason for not using latest version?

The Minimum Pro Theme version 3.0.1 uses normalize.css version 2.1.2. Are there any valid reasons for not updating this to the latest version of normalize.css which is 3.0.1?

css buttons inherit active and hover color of default

Hi. I’ve got a client who is overzealous about styling at the website: On this page: a grey box sits near the bottom, before the footer with text and 2 buttons. I’ve tried everything to make those buttons have white text. But it seems the colors are defaulting to the inherited active links […]

Print only a small portion of page using CSS? Using Sample theme

It seemed like a simple thing, and with a whole lot of tutorials online using css and javascript, etc, I thought I’d get something to work. But I haven’t. My WordPress and CSS skills are getting better, and I really did try, but just couldn’t find a solution. I’m making a website using the Genesis […]