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Where to put the CSS and PHP files?

When I create a child theme I need to create a custom CSS and PHP files so they not got over written when wordpress makes there updates. But how is it now when I have a genesis framemork and they update the framework. Where do I put all the code so they do not get […]

Outreach Pro – CSS color hiding?

Help! I’m using the “blue” color for my churches site and the dark blue on the footer and widget sidebars is way to dark. I’ve used Firebug and found some areas and others not? What gives? Where are the codes for simple CSS changes hiding in this theme? Support says to start a topic here […]

How to get link to blog posts after featured posts/CSS help

Hi there! Using executive theme, I am trying to get a link after 2 featured posts on the front page (using Genesis’ featured post widget) and want a “Read more updates” link afterward. I clicked the “Show Category Archive Link” but since it’s all categories, I think that’s why nothing shows up. So, I tried […]

Executive- Centered Logo with CSS, but Not Showing in Mobile Now

Hi, I’m using the Executive Pro theme. I played around with the CSS and was able to get the logo centered, but when I checked the site on my Android phone, there was just a blank space where the logo should be. Here’s a link to the site: Here’s the CSS from line 1041: […]

SSL CSS Shift with Corporate Theme

Not sure how to fix the font/css shift when you view vs The font shifts noticeably when you alternate between a secure SSL connection and not. How can this be corrected? Link

404 on home page, custom css isn't loading

When I am signed out of the site, I get a 404 error on the homepage that normally would show a slider and recent blog posts, plus the custom CSS isn’t showing up. When I’m logged in the page shows up perfectly. Site has been promoted all day and of course NOW it doesn’t work […]

Genesis Responsive Slider CSS issue?

I am wanting to change the background of the excerpt area as well as the arrows. I located the correct portions to change in the CSS file, but the CSS file is listed as inactive when I try to make those code changes (color changes) directly within the plug-in editor area. I can make the […]

Override css property that has !important

I would like to remove/normalize the bold characteristic from the related-posts links at the end of my posts. I have made a “custom.css” style sheet and would prefer to work only there. In the main style.css file, the following code appears: .yarpp-related a { text-decoration: none !important; font-weight: bold !important; } I’ve tried using font-weight: […]

Could anyone reccomend a css editor that is included in admin>customize

I have a multisite and would like to add a css editor for users to use. I can only find simple custom css plugin but this doesn’t appear in admin>appearance>customize. Any help appreciated

Adding CSS HTML Class to CPT Archives for Attributes Order

I’m trying to find a functions.php code that will print the “Attributes” Order number I assign to a custom post type or page to the article HTML classes I can then style with CSS. <article itemtype="" itemscope="itemscope" class="post-39 custom-post-type-example type-custom-post-type-example status-publish format-standard entry odd"> If I assign Attribute Order: 2 to a custom post type, […]