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    hello – I’m new here – and stuck. I’ve got over 100 domains parked and making nothing and want to make mini sites to add adsence, affiliate links etc and looking for recommendation about the theme to use that has the most flexibility.  Recently purchased hosting for 3 years with bluehost at the suggestion of someone that said they’d add all-in-one seo, w3, and another plugin and install the WP that blue host uses simple script and a one click install of WP – but they left me hanging after getting their commission.

    I am not technical at all but willing to learn as it sure beats asking people for help – but am stuck trying to figure out what to do next.  Because i have so many domains – thought it would be easiest to buy the framework and a single theme and buying the pro package doesn’t seem like a very good deal at $350 considering most of them I probably wouldn’t use and only want mobile responsive. Leaning towards the News theme, or maybe the Magazine – what do you think? Also the Metro – until i noticed too many support questions with it and don’t want to buy one that has issues.

    I would need instruction with installation and the hosting I have is shared until they make enough to pay for a dedicated server – so – I’d have to make sure they don’t use up  too much resources. Read somewhere that you could do something called domain mapping that allows one install to conserve files uploaded – but sounds complicated and if i made one change if effects all in the network?

    I prefer the themes offered by studio press because i don’t want to buy one that requires constant support from a developer that just wants to charge a fortune to support. Frustrating – maybe I’ll just go buy a $3 theme somewhere that goes with what bluehost already has and upload to each of the domains and say forget genesis altogether and their $20 child themes  …….. just don’t know.



    Yawn………. no oppinions?



    Also the Metro – until i noticed too many support questions with it and don’t want to buy one that has issues.

    I’ll chime in on Metro – it’s my current favorite SP theme (versus the marketplace theme), and perhaps the reason you will see more support questions for it than many of the other themes is that it is newer than the other two themes you mentioned, so more people are purchasing it (versus older users who have been working with the other themes for a while now).

    I think Metro is very easy to set-up, and the only issue I had with it was with the header, which was resolved with a question to the support desk. I posted the response from the support desk here in the forums in case anyone else experienced the same issue.

    Good luck!

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