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    Hi, I have to translate a WordPress site for a customer. Decided to go the Multisite way instead of a plugin

    Looking at the file structure, it looks like there is an old joomla site in there directly in the /public_html folder. Then, instead of cleaning old stuff, my customer added their new WordPress site in a subfolder called /fr/ & added a 301 redirect in the index.php file in the root to redirect everything to /fr (the WP installation)

    Now I want to setup that in multisite & get 2 different sub folder when we type the adress such as :
    http://www.mysite.com/fr (french version, the one already online)
    http://www.mysite.com/en (the new site in english)

    If I keep the current 301 & just install multisite on top of that, what will I get ? http://www.mysite.com/en or it will be http://www.mysite.com/fr/en, since the original site is already in the /fr folder ?

    If I have to bring back the current WP installation in the root (& delete the old joomla stuff) can I simply remove the 301, will this affect anything in SEO terms (they invested a lot on SEO apparently)

    Thanks for your help !!



    As you posted this a while back, I hope you were able to get your issue resolved. If not, please check back in here, and I will escalate for you.

    If it is resolved, please mark the thread “resolved”, and I will close it.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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