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    I copied home.php to static-home.php with the intention of editing it. I opened static-home.php in the “themes -edit” panel. I placed the

    Template Name: static homepage
    but there was nowhere to click save after editing- no way to save edits made. What am I missing?


    If the Update button was missing, it could be due to a file permissions issue on the server.


    I am working on both a local test platform and www server. I hadn’t considered that it might be a server issue- but I would think that agentpress would still show the button even if it was inoperable. I will check on both my local and www server.

    I was able to use an editor program and save the file- after I saved it, it did show up in the template list in agentpress- so I do have a work around and I probably will be using the editor program (Coda 2) more than the simple editing interface in agentpress for most of the advanced editing.

    Thanks for your reply

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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