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    I just got a Google+ page for my blog and there is the option to add a piece of code to the website to make it more “discoverable.” The exact description is as follows:

    “By adding a short line of code to, you can make your Google+ page eligible to show up on the right hand side of the Google search page for relevant queries and make your Google+ page more discoverable.”

    It’s just one line of code, but I have no idea where to add it and not mess up the template and so it doesn’t get overwritten during the next update. Any suggestions where I should put it?,



    @lliillaa you will still need to add the URL to the Google + account on the User Profile. Go to Users > Your Profile, scroll down and add the link in its slot. This is part of the instructions for getting Google Authorship. Some of the steps are can be challenging and a little confusing. I just actually worked out all the kinks for mine, so if you need help, send me an email on my website.



    I just followed the instructions for Google Authorship from Amy Lynn’s blog. I’m new to Google+ so it was extremely painful. I probably spent at least 7 hours on it yesterday, but I think I got that squared away and got myself verified on two of the blogs I work on. Two others are Joomla so I’ll have to look around and find instructions on that somewhere, but that’s another story, on another post for another website.

    The link I was talking about though, isn’t exactly regarding authorship. When you create a business page there is an option to verify the website on your profile. In order to verify the website you have to put special code on the home page and then hit “verify” on the Google+ website and it will look for the code and then put a check mark next to the website saying it’s verified. I ended up putting the link as a widget and it worked.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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