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    Client wanted a 3 column site with a slider so we added one via code from here.

    Came out rather nice.

    NewMedia Website Design



    More efficient to hook the slider in directly using a few lines of PHP



    Your solution is a good one and I considered it and I’d have done it for my own site.

    However, for a client site I think it best to give them a widget area so that if Soliloquy goes out of business OR if some version will not work on Genesis OR if Mr. Griffin sells out to someone who won’t honor the lifetime support level we were grandfathered into (as an early buyer of the product,) the client (with our help or that from any design shop) can easily and quickly swap in the FREE Genesis slider, create some posts with their 5 pictures and that’s that.

    Or they can easily pop in a slider from a different vendor (i.e. Layer Slider )

    Soliloquy is a new vendor, only a year (or two?) old now, and how many plugin vendors last five years? Or even three?

    And there is no guarantee that they won’t change their contract terms. If they decide to terminate the ‘contract’ we are under (probably by some legal fine print in the TOC no one ever reads) what are we going to do? Incur legal costs to sue them? I don’t think so!

    The new “Adobe paradigm” of ‘renting’ software which many theme and plugin vendors have adopted has made us look much more carefully than in the past as to which platforms we want to adopt.

    We don’t want to take the risk that if we adopt (standardize on) a theme or plugin or framework and later on a vendor decides to triple the support cost AND when WP does something to break the vendor’s code, AND client’s are calling us… we have no choice but to PAY what the vendor MAKES us pay. (Some call it the ‘cable TV business model’…. some called it extortion!)

    I don’t know about other design shops but this is a risk we want to mitigate as much as possible… thus putting in a widget area for a client instead of hard-coding in a slider (or any plugin,) gives us a little bit of flexibility in the event that the vendor goes under, or prices themselves beyond what we think is fair and equitable, or sells out to another firm that simply ignores past contracts.

    Like Apple, as much as possible we want the “own the stack” and not be “captive” to any one vendor, much less many of them via an array of recurring payments on plugins, themes, skins, frameworks, services, etc.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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