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    I’ve been fumbling with this for the last several hours this morning, I’m starting to get frustrated with why I can’t register a new sidebar as you have shown here.

    I have been watching numerous videos and have read quite a few blog posts in the last 2 hours with little success.  While I was able to play around a bit with adding some stuff to specific areas on the page I want to do some more of this dynamic stuff you are talking about.

    It seems that when I add any of the

    genesis_register_sidebar anything the site bombs out.  Here is what I have added to my functions.php file

    I’ve been trying to debug this for hours with little success.

    For some reason I cant even register the sidebar at all.  I can do other simple minded tasks like trying to add in some echo text and point it to above or below content no problem.

    Am I missing something on how to register a new sidebar? Is there an added step I’m missing?


    Sorry for all the random flusterd posts, I will try to keep those to a minimum

    P.S I actually created a live site, (which right now wont work unless I remove the registering of the sidebar in my github code) Which  I have done temporarily just so you can see the site.




    The link above does not include the entire code i pasted for you to use.

    It also does not include all your functions.php file code.

    All code i paste on these forums works because i test it. I have tested the code 3 times now on 3 separate themes.



    You are 100% correct in that it does work, I downloaded the sample Genesis theme and stuck your code on there and it worked.  For some reason it didn’t work in my functions.php file that I created, I’m not really sure why but it didn’t.

    Something on the top of my functions file was making it not function properly, not to sure why since as I said PHP has never really been my strong suite.  In any case, I never doubted you more or less trying to trouble shoot with some help.  I will just use the sample theme and modify this functions.php file instead of creating my own, but this did work now



    Good idea Josh.

    The Genesis 2.0 sample theme supports HTML 5 and i actually use it on my own site. You will need Genesis 2.0 to run this theme unless you use the 1.92 version.

    I think you have a problem with the PHP in your old themes functions file.




    I was actually running the 1.92 version of the Genesis framework but now I think I have everything figured out.  I was about 2 seconds away from even going down this endeavor :) but thanks for all your help honestly!


    one last question what does the ‘5’ do?

    add_action( ‘genesis_before_content_sidebar_wrap’, ‘wpsites_home_widget’, 5 );

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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