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    Hi folks;

    As much as the next guy hates being the ones to ask a repeat question, I can say that I *did* look around first to see if I could find the answer.

    A burning desire to get my real estate website looking EXACTLY how I want lately has lead me to learn a lot more about CSS. I am still stumped on this one though. I am using Magazine Pro, and I want to add a widget area above the Home Top area, but below the navigation to basically put a full-width slider in.

    I found the following code and have attempted to use it, but it freezes my entire wp-admin back panel. I have been successful in changing pre-existing code thus far, and finding what I need in the depths, but adding this code has not turned out well. Any advice is immensely appreciated!

    genesis_register_sidebar( array(
    	'id'          => 'before-home',
    	'name'        => __( 'Home Before Content', 'wpsites' ),
    	'description' => __( 'Displays Before Content On Home Page.', 'wpsites' ),
    ) );
     * @author    Brad Dalton
     * @example
     * @copyright 2014 WP Sites
    add_action( 'genesis_before_content', 'wpsites_widget_before_home' );
    function wpsites_widget_before_home() {
    if ( is_home() && is_active_sidebar('before-content') ) {
    	genesis_widget_area( 'before-home', array(
    		'before' => '<div class="before-home" class="widget-area">',
    		'after'  => '</div>',
    	) );


    Please link to the source of the code. Thanks.


    Am I missing something? The Magazine Pro code, or the code I posted? The link ( is right in the middle OF the code. In fact it is your code. I posted that because I believed from what I know that it should affect my desired result, but it doesn’t.




    Please copy ALL the code from the view raw link in the Gist and paste it at the end of your child themes functions.php file using a text editor like Notepad++

    I tested this code and it works.


    Just did that and now it works too. Was I missing something before? I thought I had copied all of it. Not sure what is different now.

    Thank you!



    I changed one of the conditional checks. is_active_sidebar(‘before-home’)


    Blenda Andrade

    Hi Braddalton

    I subscribe to your newsletter a few days ago but I can not access your site. Only the homepage is available in Brazil. You know that? Why can not I login? when the following message appears: ” Sorry but this content is not available in your country at the moment”

    I’m sorry because I like to learn from your tutorials and use his teachings to improve my site.



    What is your domain name?



    thanks Brad – I had strayed away from genesis following the lure of easy layouts… but now I know nothing beats the support found here



    Understand, Its hard to get top quality support for free from unpaid forum volunteers.




    I tried the code you wrote for Alexander on my Metro Pro child theme and it worked great. I would like to do something similar but I want my widget to be positioned at the very top of the page – above my header and I’d like it centered.

    Here is my site:

    thanks so much,




    Change the genesis_before_content hook to wp_head or genesis_before_header and then use CSS to center your content.

    Note: All functions and widgets need to use unique names and I.D’s



    thank you so much — you’ve saved me a lot of time

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