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    I have a client who wants an image slideshow at the top of all pages in the site, where you see the photo of the two guys here:

    I was testing the Next Gen Gallery slideshow on the homepage and it was working great until we switched hosts and it brought the site down. Evidently this host’s system doesn’t handle the current version well.

    We’ve also had problems with slow load times on this site, so the client (actually an intermediate consultant between me and the client) asked someone else to program a slideshow that would be lighter than using a standard plugin.

    Here’s what that guy says:

    (includes three images)

    Necessary WordPress Modifications

    – Install Flexslider (not the paid plugin, the free toolkit):
    – Create Custom Post Type (“Slides”) and Custom Field (“Image”)
    – Add custom functions (either in functions.php, or wherever you add custom functions in your theme)
    – Add CSS and JS
    – Modify appropriate template files


    The most efficient way to get the slider to show on every page except the home page is to insert it directly into the appropriate template(s). In this case, with the old default Twenty Twelve theme, it’s page.php. I didn’t use the plugin, so there’s no shortcode option out of the box.

    The slider pulls the images from the Slides custom post type in random order on each page load (otherwise, it would just restart on each page).

    Adding/removing/editing a Slide from the dashboard should be pretty straightforward. For the demo, I disabled all the fields except the title and image upload, but we could make use of more (e.g., for a caption). I entered generic titles (Slide 1, Slide 2), but they should be more descriptive, both for to help you keep track of them and because the title’s set as the “alt” tag. They’re not set to display in the slideshow.

    The Flexslider is extremely customizable; I set some basic options (disabling the navigation, tweaking the animation and transition time, etc.). A slight CSS tweak made it responsive.

    As he says, in a non-Genesis theme like twenty ten, I’d just open page. php and paste in his code before the loop, so it woudl show up at the top of the content area of every page, but I’m fairly new to and really not yet comfortable with the whole hook/function thing, so I don’t know what I actually need to do – what code to put where, to make this happen.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Forgot to follow my own thread :/ Now I am :)

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