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    I am designing a news blog based of my own Genesis Framework child theme. I’d like to insert an additional line in the entry footer to include/give credit to external sources.

    For example, the bottom of this article on The Verge displays Via: <external link> at the end of the post, and before the tags.

    Should I use custom fields in the WordPress Editor, and if so, does the following code reflect what I should do in functions.php to display the meta data? It works, but something tells me I’m going about it the wrong way.

    add_action('genesis_entry_footer', 'include_sources');
    function include_sources() {
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    Well let me ask you this first. Are you going to be writing and article of your own, in your own words and then referencing the article at the end? Or do you only want to share say… a snippet of the original story with a “source: blah blah blah” or a “continue” link to finish reading the story? Also, do you want to give credits to any story or for images or both.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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