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    Fitness Blogger

    I am using the Magazine Pro theme for my homepage

    I am trying to create a homepage that is a mix of static content (site description, products, etc.) and my latest blog posts. Is this possible? It seems like all static content disappears, as soon as I try to use the featured post option (widget).

    I really like the format Magazine Pro uses to show latest posts but it’s not very useful if it completely prevents me from customizing the homepage.

    Thanks a lot in advance!



    The static/dynamic content mix is achievable with Magazine Pro and the theme will work with homepage customizations (although it may not have been my first choice for doing what you are trying to achieve). Also, Genesis Featured Posts should not be an issue here. For instance you can use one widget area to house two widgets – one for featured posts and one for static content.

    But your visible data/mockups, and the site structure though are somewhat confusing. It appears that you’re using the OTW Sidebar & Widget Manager for much of this, in perhaps some unusual ways.

    For example:

    • The first item beneath your menus appears to be a post (#194) which includes some HTML structure(s), links. inline styling and shortcodes to place certain content and full-width title banners (<h6>Latest Videos</h6>?)
    • How have you placed your top-most image “Test-front-page-image.jpg”? A text widget? A plugin?
    • Some following content appears to have been placed with OTW that creates a sidebar plus widget area(s) that then includes a featured post (#680), then a YouTube gallery outside of this … etc.

    In all of this I can’t image where you’re trying to use Genesis Featured Posts! :) .

    Does OTW have tutorials or forum guidance that you can follow?

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    Fitness Blogger

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the answer. The reason why the site looks a little strange is that I couldn’t make the Featured Post work correctly with just the standard Magazine Pro widgets (and because I am a complete WordPress newb..).

    – When I try to use the widgets that come with Magazine Pro (home-top, home-middle, home-bottom), they override all the static content on the page.

    – When I use the OTW manager to place the Genesis Featured post on the page, it doesn’t show the headlines properly. Instead of being a bar, the headline just shows up as plain text. That’s why I have customized Header 6 to look like a bar as an easy workaround. (the post also look a little different from what it would if I used “Home-Bottom” but that’s now a big deal.

    – The picture “Test-front-page-image.jpg” is just inserted directly on the page with the “add media function.

    What I really want is for the page to have:
    1. The picture on top as it is now
    2. “The Latest Posts From TheFitBlog” in the format that the Magazine Pro theme would make if I just used the “Home-Bottom widget – Basically with the header bar and 2 posts side by side (as it is at the bottom of the page right now (I also don’t know how to make OTW inserts side by side widgets anywhere except the bottom of a page…).
    3. The latest videos as they are now.

    If you can come up with a better solution to create this I would be eternally grateful. I have just about exhausted my meager WordPress skills by now…



    Would this help with static content on the home page?

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