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    One of the larger sites I’ve built was for a prominent local business that recently changed hands.

    I am going to be re-branding the current site as well as moving it to a new domain name for the new owners.  This is a temporary site as they are having a friend of theirs build a new site to be ready sometime this summer.

    What I’m wondering is how I can best keep the current (original) site as part of my portfolio and the best approach to rebranding the current site while the original one is still active.

    I have developed sites on my hosting platform in their own file but I’m not sure if that would be ok for showcasing the original site?  If I am going to do that, should I just ftp the current files over or start with a fresh WP install and import it?  The original business was owned by my father so I have permission to use that site however I see fit.

    Since the new look will be quite different, I’m thinking about starting from a fresh WP install on the new domain (currently directed to the original site), behind a coming soon page directing people to the current site, until I’m happy with the design.  That way, I could just drop the coming soon page and redirect the old domain to the new when it’s ready.  Does that sound like the best way to approach this project?

    I am kind of new to this so I really appreciate any thoughts or feedback!

    Sara @ Wirebird Media – WordPress and Genesis web developer based in Bend, Oregon



    Can you link to the site please.

    I would start with a fresh install and do it properly. You can import the content using the WordPress tool.

    Otherwise use WP Migrate DB and move everything. Depends on how the old site was coded.



    Thanks Brad, it’s

    I built it as a child off of Backcountry.

    There are certainly issues with the site (I was really amateur then!) but I’m not anticipating any major coding problems.

    Sara @ Wirebird Media – WordPress and Genesis web developer based in Bend, Oregon

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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