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    Hello everybody

    Does anybody know how to reach to the standard “home page” of a theme after the landing page ?

    In my site I created a landing page with the corresponding template. On that page I put a link to the blog or to any other page and it works fine. However, I’d like to link to the standard home page (that is the theme home “page” that corresponds to preferences set to “Last Articles”). That “page” doesn’t seem to have an URL so I’m stuck :-(

    Thanks for your help.



    Link to your site please.



    Hi Brad
    My site is just in preparation and my question is neither site or theme specific.
    Yet you can take a look at
    I’d like to set it to reach the static page (it’s just a youtube video for now) and then click on a button and reach the home page.
    Any idea how to do that ?



    Hi there, If you want the video to show on the main domain then you can alter this is the WordPress Settings under Reading. Choose static homepage and select your landing page.

    You can then add your button to take you to the full site.

    You can then create a home page in pages and assign the .home template that your theme comes with. That should do it.



    You can easily redirect the home page to your landing page but then its redirected so your home page cannot be displayed as it redirects to the landing page.

    What you can do is add a button to your Landing or Home page and link to any other url on your site.



    Hi Navitas and Brad

    The problem can be summarized to : How to create a page and assign the .home template to it ?

    In the Agency theme there are only Default, Blog, Archive and Landing as templates choices…



    You can copy the home.php file and turn it into a template.

    Rename it to something like page_custom.php:

    You can also change the names of the widget i.d’s so your page template uses unique widgets for that template and not the home page widgets.



    Hi Brad,

    This is so cool ! I tried it right away and it works. You can check the site.

    However I’d prefer to use the same widgets on the classic home template and the custom_home template. Like that when I want an intro page to do special announcement, I set the “Static Front Page” to the Landing page (that redirect to the custom_home with a button) and when there’s nothing special, I just use the setting “Your latest posts”.

    Do you think it’s possible ?



    Yeah it is really cool!

    1. You can drag in the same widgets and configure them the same as your home page
    2. Simply use the same classes in your page_custom.php file as in your home.php.

    You won’t need to register unique widgets if using the 2nd option.



    Hi Brad

    The first solution is very interesting in case you want a custom page with it’s own widget.

    The second solution is much simpler. To summarize it for the benefit of other readers :

    1. Download the template “home.php” locally via FTP
    2. Modify the template by adding on top :
    Template Name: Custom Home Page
    3. Rename the template “page_custom.php” and upload it
    4. Create a new page that is totally empty. You can call it “Home” and use the permalink :
    5. Use the new “Custom Home Page” template for that new page (if it’s not showing you forgot step 2).
    6. Create a new page that contains whatever you want and use the “Landing” template.
    7. On that page make a link to your custom page (simple link or big flashy button).
    8. In the Genesis settings set the “Static Front Page” to the Landing page
    9. If you want to skip the landing page, reset the Genesis settings to “Your latest posts”.

    That’s it Landing page AND classic Home page to have catchy sites !

    However there is still a minor problem with all that.
    That new “Custom Home Page” has breadcrumbs like any other pages because in Genesis settings we have :
    Breadcrumb Enable on:
    Homepage Posts Pages Archives 404 Page Attachment Page (no custom_page !)

    Brad thanks again for your outstanding support (even on Sunday evening !)



    I’ve written an entire post about this yesterday which offers a slightly different solution.

    You can remove the breadcrumbs simply by adding a line of PHP code to the new custom page template:

    remove_action( ‘genesis_before_loop’, ‘genesis_do_breadcrumbs’ );



    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the last tip on the breadcrumb. Now my custom page is really perfect.

    Your post with the totally independent custom page was indeed very good and much appreciated. I’m going to use that technique for another purpose. With your technique we can have several models of page without using plugins. It’s incredible how easy it is to create new template (well at least when someone is kind enough to show the way). Can you suggest some book so I can understand a bit better how all that works. For instance, I cannot figure out why a simple /*comment*/ is necessary to create a new template.

    Best regards



    For the Agency Theme to remove breadcrumps in the page_custom.php the code is :

    remove_action( ‘genesis_before_content_sidebar_wrap’, ‘genesis_do_breadcrumbs’ );

    It might be different for other themes, just check in function.php if there is a
    /** Relocate breadcrumbs */

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