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    I’m working on a client project with 3 separate installations of Agency Pro.

    The first link (Our Collective) is the original installation of the theme. We customized the coloring, fonts and made some adjustments to spacing for our logo, etc. Nothing particularly earth shattering or unusual from a styling perspective. The site looks beautiful on my MacBook Pro in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It also looks great on my iPad and phone. Few more tweaks and it was ready to go. I’d copied the theme and installed it on the 2nd two links above. Made coloring and logo changes and added featured pages vs. featured posts in the home middle widget area.

    PROBLEM: the installation at has all sorts of styling issues, mainly with the home middle widget area in almost any browser tested in Windows. Windows XP, 7 and 8 in various versions of Internet Explorer show the home middle widget area with image next to a wide description area. No grid of squares. All sorts of messy looking. Oddly when testing in BrowserStack it looks much the same in Chrome on a Windows system while the site looks great in Chrome on my Mac. Oddly, the site also appears to be displaying the original yellow coloring (highlights in the menu, etc.) from the default styling. It’s not picking up the color changes made in the CSS that appear to be displaying perfectly on all Mac versions of the site. Oddly, the shutter sisters and camera men installations of the theme seem to be working find in IE and Chrome on Windows systems. The only difference I’m aware of should be that they’re showing 6 featured pages vs. the featured posts that we’re using on our collective’s installation.

    I’m at a loss on this one. If anyone’s made it through my lengthy explanation and has any advice at all on where to check for errors I would really really appreciate it. I will not have access to a windows machine to do some checking myself until later this week and I would love to wrap this project up before then. :)


    Well on this one – – I am on a PC using Firefox and I see it distorted. Also that way in Chrome. I compared the CSS and couldn’t find an issue there, but there’s a lot of code. Try copying over the front-page.php back to your server. Maybe something is out of whack on there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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