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    Intently Digital

    Hi all,

    I’m a long time Genesis fan, first time posting here as I really need some help!

    I’m using the Agency Pro theme on one of my sites, and followed the guide by Sridhar Katakam to use featured pages instead of posts on the homepage:

    My dev site is at:


    This worked great, but on testing I realised that it’s a very bad user experience out-of-the-box for any screen sizes in-between the largest and smallest settings.

    For the largest setting visitors will be using a mouse or trackpad so can hover over the images to see the content. This is great.

    On the smallest screen setting the image is presented above the content, as on a mobile phone you can’t hover, only click. This is also great.

    The problem comes when viewing on a 7inch portrait tablet for example, as only the images are presented and you can’t hover with your finger – only click!

    Could anyone please help me customise this theme so that this section is presented the same way as it currently is on the smallest screen break for all of the other responsive size breaks apart from the largest? I would like all screen sizes apart from the largest to behave the same way as the smallest mobile view – with the image and content in the home middle section presented consecutively (rather than accessed by hovering).

    Happy to pay for someone to fix this! The dev site is at intently[dot]staging[dot]wpengine[dot]com.



    Intently Digital

    A small moan by the way…I bought this theme as a mobile responsive theme and yes, the layout reorganises on different devices so it does respond up to a point.

    The out-of-the-box features don’t allow for a good user experience on tablets as described above though so I’m a bit annoyed that after investing quite a lot of time into the set up of the site I find out that the “experience” isn’t responsive.

    Thinking this may make it something Studiopress would be keen to fix…?


    Intently Digital

    Fortunately this is now fixed :-)

    I paid Sridhar of a small fee and he breezed through the changes. Can’t recommend him highly enough if anyone needs Genesis help.



    I had just posted that my middle widgets are 3 columns across with large screen, and as soon as display is reduced slightly, they go to 1 column with 6 widgets vertically. Is that the problem that you had and he fixed? Is your test site showing the fixed version?


    Intently Digital

    Hi Liz,

    No that wasn’t happening to me. My issue was that the nice “rollover for excerpt” feature of the home middle section doesn’t work on smaller screen sizes as you can’t rollover/hover with a thumb or finger.

    I paid someone to fix it so that the excerpt is shown alongside the featured image on smaller screen sizes.

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