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    My current site is a 10 year old HTML site. I want to create a new site with the Agency Studio Press Theme.  The Agency Theme seems to be the best fit matching my current  layout. I really like that it has 6 layout options and is mobile responsive. I am discussing price with a WP site builder and they are telling me that even though a site is designated as mobile responsive they will still need to “adjust/design the pages in such away that all the content on the page looks fine on Mobiles or Tablets which takes effort and time.”  They are asking a large extra fee for the mobile response feature. As I understand it from reading the Studio Press information that this extra effort is not necessary. I guess my question is: Is the theme “mobile responsive” or is there still much customization to be done? Any comments are appreciated.


    Debra Scott

    The theme is mobile responsive “out of the box” you can try it yourself by viewing the demo on a mobile device.

    There may be content you add that needs to be adjusted however the theme itself should need no design adjustments.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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