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    Hi all,

    I’ve been using the agentpress theme for years. I’m currently using agentpress 2.0 and I’m very happy with it, except….

    My site is getting an overhaul this year to make it more mobile friendly, and I’m looking into themes that are responsive so that they look great (or at least good) on tablets, smartphones, and whatever other mobile devices people are using to search for and find real estate information.

    Agentpress isn’t a responsive theme, and from what I understand there are no development plans on the near horizon ( 3 – 6 months) to update it.

    So I’m curious if people have tweeked other copyblogger responsive themes for their real estate website, or how other people have attacked this challenge.

    Thanks so much!

    Matt Fuller –

    San Francisco, CA



    Hi Matt, here are a few real estate sites based on Studiopress responsive themes:

    Minimum theme:
    Education theme:

    Both did a great job!



    Hi Matt, I was wondering how you are making out with this.  I have a real estate agent client who is looking for a new site in the next couple of months and was really hoping Agent Press would be responsive.  Have you looked into doing this with another theme?



    Hi Matt

    I’m currently working on a responsive real estate site using Minimum –

    I’m currently trying to change the current responsive menu (Genesis standard) to a toggle menu for smaller screens.  If you or anyone else have a good solution for this, I’m all ears. :)  I’m also going to change the homepage layout a little, but not too much.

    It’s still a working progress, and I’ve really only been working on it on the side since I manage over 60 other agent websites and multiple company websites.



    I did some freelance work for someone on customizing the Listings page using the Agency Theme. I decided to keep my demo and continue to modify and adding the communities on the home page and working out some styling issues with the property details (which are resolved) and also the search button wasn’t working. Take a look. I am available for freelance work to help. Just email me on my website.

    Click for the demo.

    You can also see it in responsive action by going here to the Studiopress Responsive Testor – http://studiopress/com/responsive. The Listings page works very well. But on other pages, such as the home page – I have to go in a tweak the 768 size so the slider will appear correctly.

    @JasonAtri, you did a great job. But your slider is really slowing the load time of the site on my computer. You may want to see how you can decrease that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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