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    Is it possible to customize which listings show up in featured listings widget?  By default it looks like the widget pulls the most recent listings, but I would like to be able to indicate which listings are featured, and change that at will.



    Anyone have an idea how this can be done?  It would be swell if the listings that show in the featured listings widget could be assigned via tag – this way it would be easy to go into MLS listings and add a tag to a listing to make it featured.



    Hi, have you figured out anything on this?  I also want to use the featured listings widget to feature a few listings every week that I have chosen to showcase.  Does anyone know if that functionality to pull based on a tag or other taxonomy is there or does it just pull the most recent listings?  If it pulls from the date on the listing, can the date be manipulated or is it strictly based on the date created?



    I’m hearing the sound of crickets on using the Listing Widget for displaying groups of listings based on any kind of criteria.  Anyone out there doing this?  I can’t find much on the old forums about it either and what I did find wasn’t really clear.



    Here’s what I’ve figured out as far as Agentpress goes.  Agentpress provides a number of utilities for displaying MANUALLY entered real estate listings – such as the featured listings widget.

    If you want to use MLS integration with an IDX plugin such as dsIDXpress then you get 4 widgets from that plugin which display the automatically pulled MLS data.  This automatically pulled MLS data cannot and does not integrate in any other way with the theme.  It doesn’t add information to your featured listings widget, it doesn’t integrate with your communities widget, etc.

    If you are using the dsIDXpress plugin or any other MLS IDX plugin – with the goal of using primarily automated MLS pull data – then there is no difference in using Agentpress vs any other wordpress theme, with the possible exception that in Agentpress (and a few other themes) you get a page template which gives you a number of widget spaces across a full page.



    Anyone can advice on this ?  It would be great to be able to select a taxonomy for the featured listing.

    Thanks in advance



    There’s another plugin called Genesis Featured Widget Amplified that lets you feature custom post types according to custom taxonomies. That might be what some of you are looking for.



    I found a work around.  Change the date of the # of posts you want added to the featured listings area to be the last x # of listings.  It looks like it only shows the most recent so make the ones you want the most recent!



    Any further thoughts on this? I’d like to display featured listings by location and not date as I have location specific landing pages. (Yes I did leave this same question on another thread).



    You’d have to customize the plugin via FTP. Is Location a taxonomy? To change featured listings, go to plugins/agentpress-listings/includes/class-featured-listings-widget.php, and near line 35, add something like:

    $query_args = array(
    	'post_type' => 'listing',
    	'location' => 'seattle'
    	'location' => 'philadephia',

    check this page for more info:



    Did anyone ever figure this out?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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