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    I’ve had several WordPress sites, but mostly use Thesis Theme. After doing some research, I love the Genesis framework, and have purchased the AgentPress theme to build out my mother-in-law’s website.

    Based on the “How-To” for the theme, I see how to create listings, etc, etc.

    The pre-sell demo mentions IDX integration for the theme, but there is no mention of it in the “How-To”. Do we just need to get a third party plugin for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I’m assuming for her listings, we will manually enter them? But if a client finds her site and is looking for properties in the area, we need to have some type of IDX solution? Am I thinking correctly here? Thank you in advance for any responses!


    Susan Nelson

    Hi there,

    I’m currently working on an AgentPress site and the way I see it, you have a couple options:

    1. You can manually enter all your listings using the How To instructions for the theme. It will require you to make all changes manually every single time there’s an update in what she’s offering.

    2. You can use a plugin like IDXpress. The listings are automatically generated and updated by their service. It’s not free, but it might be worth it if there are lots of updates. AgentPress includes extra styling for IDXpress so that the listings look generally like the default AgentPress listings (

    I’ve also looked at this plugin, but I’ve not used it yet. If you look near the bottom of their plugin page, they list StudioPress as a compatible theme (

    I actually spoke with Nick the Geek about which of these two plugins were better and this was his response:

    dsidxpress is the one that AgentPress has extra CSS for, but I’ve also heard good things about the ihomefinder product. Their WP plugin is also pretty easy to use from what I’ve seen and it shows actual pages not iframes, which is better for your site SEO.

    I hope this helps! :)

    Susan Nelson | Oh, Hello Designs | Twitter | Facebook




    Don’t worry so much about the “Free” part.  That just isn’t going to work.  It is like using a “Free” theme instead of Genesis:  You miss out and it costs more in the long run.

    There are a number of good IDX vendors out there.  I have worked with 2-3 that I really like.  They all charge about $30-$50 per month or more for a single agent.

    When I worked as a Realtor, I was making a lot of money off of that $40 per month.  The “Free” ones won’t work well.  Trust me!

    Good Luck.



    Also be aware, Agentpress is not responsive at this time.

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