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    I am having a problem with my website

    One of the taxonomies is called ‘stad’, where I have all the cities. The problem I am experiencing is that they are not in alfabetical order. I read some ‘solutions’ in the old forum, but I decided (because I am not a programmer) to use the plugin: ‘category order & taxonomies terms order’.

    Now when I activate this plugin, I can change the order of the taxonomy ‘stad’. But when I look at the frontpage, some of the taxonomies have disappeared. So in the back, they are visible, but in the front they are not. The taxonomy ‘stad’ stops at the letter ‘O’, but there should be cities starting with P,Q,R,S,T..etc…Z. Why are they not appearing?

    When I deactivate the plugin, I can see all the taxonomies, they they are not in alfabetical order. Just when I use the plugin. So what I did is contact the plugin developper. And he asks me this:

    I don’t understand what he means. He says there should not be any limitations.

    Can someone give me any pointers so that all cities in taxonomy ‘stad’ are shown?

    Kind regards,




    Really nobody???

    Alright, how about this: How do you put the taxonomy in alphabetical order without using a plugin? Can anyone help me with this question then?

    Any kind of answer is appreciated.




    I am having a very similar problem trying to get my terms in order so I would be very interested in the answer to Lockon’s question







    Anyone? Any kind of message? I am a bit disappointed that there a no responses at all. I understand that responses are not guaranteed, but this is the ONLY question I asked since I bought all the themes for $349,- (and now I see they discounted to$267,-).

    I am sure that someone can tell me at least something like: can’t be done without a programmer or something. Even @elegantthemes there is some kind of reply if someone asks something in the forum.

    Is anybody out there?



    I’m not sure what’s happening with the forum but it is being spammed heavily with no moderation. This worries me quite a bit.

    This may help with your issue, though I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking.



    Hi electricbrick,

    No, that plugin does not solve my problem. thanks for the suggestion.

    The plugin that you suggest is called: agentpress listings taxonomy reorder. Which is good if you want to reorder the taxonomies.

    I want to reorder the terms within the taxonomy. (I think it might be called that I want taxonomy terms reordered-> alphabetical)

    I am still having issues and my problem is not solved, so any advice that is given will be appreciated, I cannot believe that there has never been a question like this before?




    solved, the answer to this question can be found in the support forum of the above mentioned plugin.

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