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    I am trying to understand what I am missing. When using the property search widget on this page (agentpress demo):

    and on my website, results are not filtered using the property search. For example on the above page, if I select 750k and up and then press “search properties” all properties are returned. My website does the same. Can someone help me understand why results aren’t limited to properties that meet the criteria?



    It appears that any search on the demo site will bring up the same three properties (not just a price search).

    I would recommend submitting a support ticket, as this issue is related to setting up your site and functionality – go to MyStudioPress > Help (in the top right of this screen).

    The forums are to help you with customization questions beyond the official support.

    For any future questions, please go ahead and include a link to your site. Thank.

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    I”m having the same issue.  Using the agentpress search filter doesn’t filter anything.  It just pulls up all results.  What step are we missing? @jbash111 did you ever figure it out?



    If you have the site set up like the demo – they have checked off all the same features, prices, etc. You need to open up each property and uncheck anything that is not applicable to that property. Then the search will pull the correct results.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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