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    My search results on Agentpress – with manually entered featured listings – brings back varied results and I’m in need of help.

    The site in question is,

    We have created two main taxonomies; For Sale, and For Rent. Within those two main tax’s we have a couple features (i.e. commercial & residential rentals and commercial & residential sales)

    When using the default AP search widget, selecting a specific feature such as commercial listings for sale, returns those listings in addition to rentals etc. That is one example, but this happens for each search.

    What I tried to do to fix this was to create a page that redirects to pull those specific categories, to no avail. BTW, I’ve triple checked that each listing is in fact in the proper tax/feature category. I’ve also turned off extraneous plugins to exclude conflicts.

    If you are familiar with AP would you mind taking a peek at the site to see if you notice something I may have overlooked.

    Thank you for your time.






    Okay so what you are saying is that you could have one property that is commercial be available for rent, and another commercial property be available for sale. I would think the only way that all would show up is if you have a commercial property that is both for sale and for rent.



    Hi Anitac!

    Thank you for your reply.

    The simplest way I can explain it is that, for example, let’s say we have 20 commercial property listings, 10 for sale, 10 different ones for rent. When I select Commercial properties for sale in the search widget, the results return all commercial properties for rent and for sale – even though they are setup in separate ‘features’ with agentpress listings.

    The same also goes for residential for sale and for rent.

    I’m looking for a solution to make the search feature display the accurate listings that are selected in the search widget.

    Can you do a quick search on the site link provided for an example of the mixed results?

    I appreciate your help.







    I think you set up the taxonomies incorrectly. I have a demo site set up here for Agentpress. If you review the different drop downs, I believe you should do this:

    Under “Status” you should have – For Sale, For Rent, All Properties, etc.

    Under “Type” you should have – Commercial, Residential, Vacant Land, etc.

    Under “Features” you should have what the amenities each property has, i.e., basement, pool, patio, etc.

    Go back into your taxonomies and review those.



    I am having the same problem on my site.  It is not set up for real estate, but summer camp searches.  No matter which category I try to search by, it pulls ALL listings and doesn’t seem to sort by any of the established taxonomies.  I checked and double checked all of them and everything seems to be set up properly.

    I don’t even have the search active on my site right now because it isn’t working.

    Upsetting because I switched to this solution this year because I thought it would be more useful, but it is preventing me from even turning on the search feature.

    Is anyone else having this same problem?
    Or maybe someone willing to go into the admin area of the site and take another look?



    Can you provide a link to your website so I can take a look?



    I’m having this problem too.

    Any search criteria pulls up all listings.  I thought it was working a few weeks ago, perhaps an update issue?

    This needs to be fixed ASAP if possible, seems to be a lot of people out there having the same problems.


    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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