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    I’m trying to figure out a way to allow users on a multisite to switch style sheets, rather than switching themes. I’m thinking that Brian Gardners “Load a Custom Stylesheet” might help, but I’m kind of a newbie so not sure how to implement it, or if it’s even what I need.

    My rationing for this is to have one theme for all the sites on my network, so all blogs will have a consistent set of features but able to change to a different style with a single click, sort of like CSS Zen Garden, except it will be the blog admin changing the site rather than visitors changing their view. I hope that makes sense.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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    You might look into adding other color styles to the existing stylesheet so they can be selected from the Genesis theme settings. Many child themes have color options like blue, red, orange, etc. available in a dropdown, and all the changes are contained in the single style.css. It’s the same principle but a little easier to implement (in my opinion, anyway).

    Another option would be to install a custom CSS plugin to allow each user on the network to customize their theme without affecting the theme itself – I have a multisite install in the works and that was the only solution I could find to allow people to make changes only on their own sites.

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    Thanks Andrea,

    The color options won’t work because I plan to use one theme for all blogs, so I will have to provide a lot of different styles to choose from, and keep adding new styles over time. But I do like the idea of a custom css plugin… didn’t think of that. Is there one that you would recommend?

    I’ll keep working on the style selector as I have some ideas that might work. Maybe a combination, users can select a style and then some option for custom css? Well… wish me luck. :)



    Any developments on this?

    I have successfully been using Nick’s Style Select plugin on 27 sub-blogs on the same domain, each with a different CSS (Lifestyle 1).

    BUT, I am currently in the throes of upgrading to Lifestyle Pro, and to my horror the plug-in, although showing the selection box on the Genesis themes setting page, and allowing me to choose my alternative style sheet which is properly listed, seemingly fails to save the settings and defaults to style.css.

    As yet, no solution suggested in the WordPress Support Forum though. The plugin was very convenient, but is there another way to provide alternative css choices, I wonder?

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