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    Last week I bought a Genesis child-theme here.

    Later I asked the developer for help as, on the demo site, he had used a text logo, but when I used an image logo in the header, instead of the standard nav-bar height of about 58px, the CSS created a 120px high nav-bar.

    I am developing this site on a server where the sites DNS isn’t public, so in order for him to take a look at at what’s going wrong with his code on my site, he has to put the servers IP and a faux *.dev domain ~ ~in his hosts file.

    Basically, its far easier for him to do that than it is for me to move the whole website onto a public domain.  Not only that but the site is nowhere near ready for showtime and I don’t want it crawled.

    I’ve asked nicely three times, but I haven’t been able to get him to do it.

    So I am assuming he’s on a Mac and doesn’t want to, or maybe doesn’t know how to, or perhaps just can’t be bothered.  Either way it’s frustrating because I have gone out of my way to be helpful to his customers and fellow theme purchasers in his forum.

    Am I being unreasonable or should I be able to expect an author to be interested enough in helping a customer to do that?



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    I can’t imagine why his being on a Mac would have much relevance. I’m on a Mac, but I have no idea what platform most other people are running. It would seem to me that if someone is skilled enough to develop an entire theme, that person would know how to alter his hosts file to take a look at your site.

    That said, are you perchance referring to the Modern Portfolio theme? (You may well not be.) I had a similar thing happen to my whole  header when I added a logo to the title area at and positioned it at 50% 50% no-repeat. For the record, I did that so that we wouldn’t see two logos at some other viewport sizes. I believe that was happening even when I made the logo the background image for just one element.

    I don’t mind the effect, so I haven’t spent a lot of time trying to change it.

    But if you’re working with Modern Portfolio, and the problem you’re having is in any way analogous – I realize it’s not the very same issue – maybe it would be simpler to use my site as a proxy for yours.

    In other words, if we knew why positioning the logo in my header at 50% in both directions doubles the height of the header, then that answer might also be the reason why adding a logo to your nav bar doubles the height of that.

    Hope this makes sense . . .

    An unreasonable Mac user. ;-)

    Sharing the good news about the wonders of web typography and the split-step. Either one should get you moving fast. ;-)



    The reason being on a Mac is relevant is that, typically, Mac users hardly ever have need to handle old antiquated systems like a host file, and most ~ not all ~ don’t even know what it is.  And probably couldn’t care less.

    I am pretty sure that it was the same with this developer.

    I sent him the instructions on how to find and edit it, but so far no reply… :-(

    About line #544 in your css you have a “min-height” element set to 150px which when I set to 100px the header is much smaller.

    I live in Scotland now but in the 80’s I was living and working in St. Louis.

    Small world!




    Rahn and Dianna

    You know that’s a loaded question, right?

    – Can you export all the settings (using the export function built into Genesis), and send that to the developer?  I haven’t played with the export, so I don’t know how well it works, however, the documentation implies this makes it pretty easy to move a site.

    – Or, create a instantWP install of the site, put that somewhere accessible (a-la dropbox shared folders, google drive, whatever), and let him take a look at that?  For my sites, I’ve re-created them about 20 times now as I’ve cleaned machines, moved servers, and what not. It’s actually pretty quick to do if you have a decent backup.  I use Backwpup plugin, which shoved everything needed into a zip file and sticks it on dropbox for me.

    – Also, did you send specific details about the problem?   That is, something like “my logo image is 100x100px, and I set this as the logo, and I updated the .css, line 123.  I changed the value from Foo to Bar”, or something like that.

    – and naturally, did you ask StudioPress support?  They were really good when I contacted them.

    Good luck getting your issue resolved?


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