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    Hey guys, I started using genesis and go the parallax pro theme and for starters it’s great. But I feel like I’m missing something and don’t know where to get started.

    Where are all the shortcodes and things like that? I want to add buttons, content boxes, or like that big red call to action section in the Agentpress Pro theme with the nice button in it. Where do I find and how do I add all these elements? I feel like I have to learn coding to get the things I need done. Please point me in the right direction.

    I want to be able to easily add elements and styles to my pages, there should at least be the ability to add genesis and studiopress shortcodes using the page/post visual editor where I can choose the things (buttons, boxes, tabs, accordians, colums, etc…) I want to add to my pages and posts.

    As it stands now I have to do research to add a simple element like a button to my page because there’s no shortcode or elements section.


    Genesis Developer

    Genesis is not providing that kind of shortcode. There have lot of shortcode plugin. You can try them. I think that You can try Visual Composer Editor plugin. This is very nice and very user friendly.



    Ok so is there a place where I can get the code snippets for all of these things? I mean studiopress is advertised as being extremely flexible and easy to use and even for making your own themes, but I don’t see where I can get all of those design elements and class elements. Again, where do I find the codes for buttons, pricing tables, text blocks, columns etc…? For example specifically I want to know how you made that red block with the button inside of it in the Agentpress Pro theme.

    Telling me to go and buy another plugin is not much help for me to use your framework and your theme.



    Genesis is not “our” framework, this is not an official support forum. Anyone who answers questions here is doing it voluntarily to help out other users. If you google Genesis, you can find a lot of tutorials. For example and have a ton of tutorials.

    You can also find code snippets at If you want to customize your theme, you need to be comfortable and knowledgeable with CSS and adding functions. Otherwise, you can use the themes as they come out of the box and add free plugins (of which there are a lot) for extra functionality.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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