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    1. When viewing on mobile the images do not scale correctly when the phone is rotated from portrait to landscape. It works after a refresh, until the phone is rotated again.

    2. How do I remove the Author (entry-author) and Leave a Comment (entry-comment) from the post snippets on the homepage?

    Basically, how do I get it to function like the demo?

    Thanks to all for any help provided.


    Hi @thinmann,

    Sorry, but I’m not seeing it. Using both an Android tablet and an iPod. Landscape, portrait are both good as well as the transition from one to another. Your style.css is identical to the demo file and your images display in the correct sizes.
    Your images are square and smaller than those used in the demo, however, which may be why they are a little short in the smallest screen at 240px in this test: . I see that you have Jetpack activated. Have you perhaps enabled “Mobile Theme”?

    To investigate further, what happens when you use the exact images from the StudioPress demo instead of 1140x1140px? What happens when you turn off all plugins? What type of phone and screen size are you using? We may have to find someone with the same gear to try to reproduce what you are seeing.

    These should not display if you install the theme using the StudioPress setup instructions and are not using a plugin like Simple Edits or something else that might act on these elements. (I don’t see Simple Edits active.) Let’s try disabling all plugins (like Google Analytics) and see what happens, or see if someone else jumps in with another idea or two.

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    Everything was being caused by Genesis Simple Edits. You were correct. I deactivated it and everything went back to normal.
    Thanks Tom!

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