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    Hey Gang,

    Launched our website for our brands upcoming release of a synergistic nootropic supplement called MasterMind.

    We have been working VERY hard on the website, getting everything the way we want it, now we want to hear what you think!

    Take a look at our site and let us know how you think it turned out.

    Also, if you are interested in trying Mastermind feel free to sign up to our email list and we will notify you when we launch the product.

    Warm Regard,

    Mike – Ample Being


    Mike, this looks really good. Very nice use of the highlight background feature.




    Hey thanks for the kind word! We worked really hard on it and we are pretty proud of the way it looks.

    We felt the highlight background feature was a nice touch for looks, functionality, and SEO purposes. It’s always better to have text on the website rather than on the image.



    Thanks to everyone who has visited the site so far.

    Feel free to leave any comments here on what you think of the design. We would love to hear what your first impressions were or if there was anything you felt could be improved upon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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