anybody work w/Yoast SEO plugin?

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    Using Yoast SEO on my still-in-progress website. Followed install instructions and configuration pretty well, I think. That said, I’m now re-writing all my old Posts, about 50, to meet the criteria of the Yoast analysis. 90% of my Posts are my produced videos moved in from YouTube.

    On almost every post I see an indicator that says my image…what image?…needs an alt tag. I now understand what it is, but not where to insert the tag. I attempted to put it into the YouTube iframe code, after the dimensions as in a photo, but it wouldn’t stay there. So, questions,

    Any ideas how I might resolve this? alt tags looks simple enuf, but are they for video? and finally, should I really care in the long run?

    Thanx for your assistance,




    I had the issue, often images in plugins have no alt.  You will get missing Alt message.  One to fix is, install SEO Friendly Images plugin from WordPress which would assign missing alt to images from plugins.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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