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    I’m looking for a search plugin that will actually return results relevant to what the user is looking for. I’ve tried Google Custom Search and the default search and the results were less than acceptable.

    I read about a plugin called Relevanssi that was supposed to be good, but so far it is the absolute worst of them all. Client did a search for “toys” and got education links.

    The site I’m working on tonight is and a functioning, and relevant, search engine is of utmost importance for this client. Does anyone have any suggestions that we can try out?

    Grace and Peace,

    Bill Murray

    In a few weeks, we’ll be launching a site for a client that will use some sophisticated search technology we’ve put together using faceting and Elastic Search. I think it will deliver great search results, but the package we’ve put together will only be available to clients that host with us. Elastic Search is a sophisticated search engine used by Foursquare and others for searching, so it’s not a simple “upload and activate” WP plugin. I think Elastic Search-powered faceted search is the wave of the future for upper-end WP sites, and it will trickle down to the masses over time. Automattic already has it on their VIP service. Anything tied to the built-in WP search or that doesn’t use a separate engine likely won’t deliver great results.

    If that’s of interest, I’m happy to discuss it further.

    Web: or Twitter: @wpperform

    We do managed WordPress hosting.



    Late to the game here–have you looked at SwiftType? I heard an interview with the founder and really liked what he had to say about internal site search. You can tweak the results your site visitors get to send them to the best pages for the questions they’re actually asking.

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