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    Hello everyone, I just decided to purchase Genesis last night, I have zero experience in coding, I do know how to follow instructions, and know my way around folders/directories, how to find a line in php or css and know what element it will affect if I edit it (sometimes), but only because I use common sense, not because of any knowledge in php/css/html, etc…basically I have messed with files before to make “minor” edits, but hat is as far as my knowledge goes.

    With that said, I am totally clueless where to go from here.

    The site I am trying to launch is for my printing service (I sell printing), so it will have a shopping cart (possibly WP eCommerce or cart66), member registrations with order history, UPS shipping calculation and possibly tracking if thats available, be responsive, sliders, etc., the look and functionality I am going for is similar to

    I havent found any child themes for ecommerce, well just one

    I did come across Dynamik Website Builder and Genesis Extender from and am wondering if anyone has any experience with Dyamik Website Builder particularly.

    My dilemma lies in that, although it seems Dynamik does alot if not most of he coding for you, I am still unfamiliar with things such as “class, hook, conditionals, wrap, crumb, tax, etc” and all these terms and elements.

    Any ideas or suggestions? I would like to launch in 4-6 weeks.



    I’ve used both. I used Dynamik Website Builder on this site ( ) . It was nice to choose all the colors in the admin area rather than changing all the css. Very similar to Prose. If you’ve watched the videos on Cobalt’s site you know that it basically builds the widget areas for a page template that you can use for a homepage, or any page. The genesis extender is DWB without the choices for colors, fonts, widths, etc. you are using those design elements from whatever child theme you’re using.

    To use either one of those you need to know something about some of the things you mentioned like hooks, classes. At least what they are and how they are used.

    My suggestion would be to learn about some of those things, find a theme that works as is, or hire someone that can get you to the point where you can “go from there”



    Thanks for your response.

    I have edited HTML templates before (non wordpress sites) in Dreamweaver, and that is where I have gained some understanding and figured out how to navigate files and find things that need editing, etc….my challenge with doing this on a WordPress site is getting Dreamveaver setup to work with php on my local machine, its a bit of a task to setup XAMPP, etc. so that when I open dreamweaver all the elements show up, otherwise you dont see the real life template.

    It would be of great help for me to find a tutorial on how to setup XAMPP on your local machine and tie it to my host so I can do changes to a theme.

    The other thing is I am confused with regards to buying a theme, because genesis is a “theme”, so while surfing sites like themeforest for a theme I dont know if these are usable because of the Genesis being a theme and only being able to use “child themes”, and these “theme” sites dont say “child theme” they just say theme….can anyone clarify this for me :-) because none of the studiopress themes, or any that I have found on many sites intended for use with Genesis work with the type of site I am trying to launch.




    Do a search for definitions of parent theme, theme framework and child theme.

    Genesis is a theme framework. The themes on Themeforest are like parent themes. The core files are not separate usually. Although some do come with a child theme. You can make a child theme for any wordpress theme. The nice thing about doing that is you don’t lose your custom changes when the core files are updated.

    I’ve used woocommerce without any problems on Genesis sites, but have not used any others.

    Trust in the code and the developers is big for me.



    I just need a good, modern, responsive, “eccommerce” child theme that will be compatible for he latest Genesis. I havent had any luck finding “child themes” on sites like themeforest or others, just “themes”.






    I absolutely love Dynamik Website Builder myself.

    I essentially have all the power of Genesis using it, but Dynamik makes a lot of things much easier for me. I’m not a fan of directly editing code if I don’t have to – but I AM obsessed with keeping things clean.

    With dynamik, I can take any Genesis filter snippet or any other function, and just paste it into Dynamik’s back end. I change fonts site wide, add CSS to very specific places very easily. A front end css builder to make things even simpler.

    A bunch of good videos on what conditionals are, and how they differ from labels – or how to use either. Yeah it just makes life way simple for me. It’s the first framework / templating system I have tried for ANY cms that makes me happy.

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