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    I need an audio player pluging and I’m having difficulty locating one for my needs. Thought I had one but uses Flash and didn’t work on iPhone/iPad. So the issues are: WP 3.5.1 compatible, more than one player on a Page, and of course not flash. Any recommendations? Oh and this is for mp3 recordings I voice so I don’t need a large music player. Thanx in advance for suggestions.



    Which plugins have you tried?

    I’ve not used it but this one looks like it might do what you need:

    Twitter: cehwitham Web:



    I use this one, with a different skin…  it’s been great.

    Justin’s support has been great too (helped me get the new skin working)



    JiveDig, Thanx for the recommendation. I looked at it previously but the business limitations of the license don’t fit my needs. It is nice looking though.

    cehwitham, I also had considered the HTML jQuery Player. The problem for me was the appearance. Essentially it looks like it’s perfect for Music/musicians…which I’m not. I’m into VoiceOver/narration.

    My needs are 2-fold: individual players for different voice demo’s on one Page, and on another Page, I’ll put up individual short story recordings which I intend to sell thru a Store of some kind…yet to be decided. So I don’t need the Album cover space or the song list below it. I like the appearance but not for my needs.

    I have installed a PLayer called WP audio player, by Martin Laine. I’ve configured it and it’s perfect except it doesn’t work on iPhone/iPad. That’s too bad because my new site is mobile responsive. So there it is.

    Thanx to both of you.




    Here are a couple that may work for you.

    I use the Audio Player which has been around a long time – You can place one MP3 at a time or you can create a player that will play multiple MP3’s.

    Then I’ve tried this one – MP3-jPlayer –



    How about Media Element?

    (there’s  a WP plugin too)

    I’ve had good success with that before too… and well supported.



    Hello Again and thanx for your suggestions.


    The  audio player that you suggested looks a little dated and although some say it currently works, i thought a more current player might stay in place longer, that is, I don’t want to deal with this issue for awhile after i set it up. On the other hand,

    the  MP3-jplayer looks good. I actually bookmarked it about 2 days ago but haven’t had a block of time to sit down with it. Probably tomorrow I will and I’ll have some feedback afterwards.


    I lkie the looks of the player but my concerns are 2-fold. One is my very limited ability to fuss with code. i can handle most css, some php w/guidance, and a little html in the Dashboard. That said, i avoid tinkering with my files at my Hosts site. And this player looks like it’s still in development and the coding required looks daunting to me.

    Thanx to both of you for your time and suggestions.    Tom



    @tjd, it may look dated – but you also need to look at the stats:

    Last Updated: 2013-1-30
    Downloads: 599,730

    It’s had a lot of download. Other plays have been made based off this one and the developer keeps it current at all times.



    Hi anitac,

    I really like the Audio Player. I downloaded and configured it 100% to my liking. Even enjoy the animation of it. All that said, when I checked it on my iPhone, it wasn’t there. In it’s place was a large apology stating that I needed ‘Flash’ for the Player to work. But although there may be Flash plugins for the iPhone/iPad, I can’t assume everyone has the plugin. And then there’s the admission by Adobe that they’ll stop supporting Flash. So,

    Although I love the look of the audio player, I’m going to continue looking for an alternative. Next on my list is the MP3- jPlayer which you also mentioned. It’s late nite in Tokyo and I think I’ll wait till tomorrow to test both it and me.




    You know, if you just can’t find what you are looking for… you could add a link to “download” it if that’s feasible. Maybe a notation that if they are unable to “play it” they can download it to their device and listen to it that way. Just another workaround until you find something.



    Began investigating MP3-jplayer tonight. Unusual look may confuse visitors but at least it works. Need to reconfigure the color scheme and so got off an email to plugin designer. We’ll see if I hear back. But it works. Got a test on the bottom of the Test Post on my blog if you wanna see the Player. Now remember, I use single Players not Playlist Players.

    If anyone visits, leave a comment there or here about your feelings re: the Player. Is it intuitive?  Thanx,




    Hi Tom, where exactly is the test post? I want to take a look/listen.



    Mornin from Tokyo,

    Dark grey &cold &rain. ugh! Anyway, as I only put this into the Post late last nite, I just visited it and it plays ok. I do have some concerns about the appearance of the Player. It’s not intuitive ‘looking’ and I wonder if that’s ok. I have no idea how to style it other then with the short codes provided by the developer…which all worked ok. That said, I’d like to change the Turquoise Text Color but don’t know how…emailed late last nite to developer…waiting for return.

    Also, just checked the operation on iPhone. Looks the same, sounds good, but, the Volume Slider is difficult to operate. Maybe too small.

    So, you can find it at   on the Reconstruction Post. Look at the bottom of the Post for goog1 and there you are. Let me know what you think about appearance & function. I attempted to install one of the more traditional Playlist Players. Didn’t have any luck, but it was late.



    My current all-time favorite is the mb.miniAudioPlayer from the WordPress repository.  Nice controls, great with Genesis, HTML5 and very easy to use in posts/pages and even widgets. Unobtrusive but looks good too with excellent settings/options.



    Hi Marc,

    I love that plugin. So much so that I installed and uninstalled it twice. Got it configured exactly as I wanted…thought this is good. EZ to understand, nice looking, etc, But,

    After installation, with no configuration, when I went to visit the site from the Dashboard, my site Header was words. The Header increased in height, the main title of one line became a 2-line title, and the nav bar below the Header doubled in height. Now,

    this miraculously repaired itself when I logged out…but I couldn’t take a chance. I don’t know what the conflict was but I felt it was more then I could handle and I didn’t trust it to work properly for my visitors. So I’m now with the 4th trial plugin which is ok but your choice would be my choice. Thanx for the input.

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