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    I have a couple of things going on in rebuilding my brothers poetry site. Aside from having nearly 9000 poems and somewhere near 300 categories. I am experiencing difficulty leaving the platform I scratch built in 2006 for a wordpress replacement. I cannot figure out how to organize all of it with the limited options I am finding.

    Buddypress seemed like a natural fit, but it doesn’t seem like its designed to work with the authors page, and the authors page does not seem to have capability to present author info in the sidebar along with his or her poem titles and categories. So I thought maybe just use poem listings on Buddypress’s member page, but the whole setup seems to highlight non essential communications rather than the of the individual authors content.

    In my previous setup, the one I hand built, I have the authors content behind their www/username/poemcontent. In the current setup its www/poemcontent/. This, I felt, was a better way to highlight the author and his/her works. This worked well for those that also wanted to write sequenced poem/stories as he/she could order them consecutively on their own as opposed to mixing it with the all the authors works.

    So in a nutshell, I have a couple of problems:
    1. Need to put author information in sidebar of associated post.
    2. Need to put latest 15 poems of author in sidebar of associated pages.
    3. Need to put perhaps a keyword cloud of the categories he/she has written in, also in sidebar.
    4. Need a way of sequencing poems/stories.



    I noticed that there is a Genesis User Widget. Is there a way to simple modify that to have the current authors widget?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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