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    Doesn’t it make sense that the image placed inside of a post should be the default featured image? Does anyone know of a plugin that does such a thing?

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    Rabbi, where are you wanting the featured image to show up automatically? What location, i.e., home page, blog page, etc.



    Actually, no it doesn’t make sense that the first post image also be used as the default featured image :)

    WordPress does not do this by default, but Genesis does, so if you’re using a Genesis child theme, your first post image should also be automatically being used as the featured image.

    This Genesis feature can now be controlled, turned off by those of us who need to, as of Genesis 2.0 (thank you Gary Jones!)

    But if your first post image is not showing up as a default featured image, and you’re using a Genesis child theme, then there’s something in your archives or blog configuration that has changed that behavior.


    Thank you. That was very helpful! The settings for content archives also has to be set for “display posts excerpt” as compared to “display post content” or else it will display 2 images but that seems like a fair trade off for not having to create a featured image for each post :)

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    Gary Jones

    thank you Gary Jones!

    You’re welcome :-)

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    @rabbimitterhoff if you want to display the full post content, just make sure that “Include Featured Image” option is unchecked… then it shouldn’t display the first image as both featured image and as part of the post content. But if you want the featured image, then yes, the excerpt is the way to go.



    I’m having trouble with getting the first image to be the automatic “feature”. I have genesis theme settings to show excerpts and feature image, yet I am still having to set the featured image for each post. HELP?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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