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    Ok, I’m ready to put my “pet project” out there for the wolves. ;) I’m a graphic designer with mostly web design work and this is my first project for myself, which I’ve found is really hard because I constantly wonder what I can do differently, better or what’s not working. That’s why I’m here!

    I would love for some others to look at it, poke around and find anything you’d like to point out. I’m really wanting to take this “idea” to the next level as it’s really taking off pretty fast (at least I think) and I know I need to add some functionality (i.e. member login capability) so I want to be in the right place to present it to an investor potentially.

    I’m not going to get my feelings hurt I swear, I want to make improvements so shoot straight!

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    I like the colors and feel of the site. A few things stuck out for me:
    –Font seems a little small. I would think about increasing it some.
    –There is a lot of information in a small space. Wondering if there is a way to set it up/organize it so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming?
    –I’m walking away without a 100% understanding on what you’re offering– I’m also not someone who goes to a lot of barn sales/markets so maybe it’s just me :). Is your site a place for people to list their businesses and events or do you organize the events for them?

    Hope this helps.



    amylynn, first of all THANK YOU for replying!

    I’m with you on the font, I will work on that. Good to know.

    I feel the SAME way about overload on info, I’ve been racking my brain on a way to organize it better. It is an “informational” site so there is always going to be alot of text. My navigation bar is my biggest concern.

    Ok, that is a great point. I will work on presenting a clearer message to those who may not know the industry as well as others.

    THANK YOU for your tips! I really appreciate them



    It looks pretty good and you use color well. However there are a few points that stand out for me as well.

    1. The Font is too small, especially on the menu, and the menu items need more spacing. You may need to remove an item to make it work.

    2. This is actually far more important. There is no center of interest that draws in ones attention, i.e. a large element that lets one know where to start. I just scroll up and down, think, “That’s nice” and leave. Something has to grab your attention, then there should be a logical progression of elements that pull ones eyes through the site and encourage one to read it.



    What about removing or relocating some of the stuff that isn’t adding value for the user.

    For example on the sidebar:

    –maybe remove the Welcome Y’all image (it’s cute, but not adding much and taking up space)
    –remove the bloglovin’ count (save that for when you get lots of followers and want to show it)
    –put your mission in a more visible spot like above the posts

    Stuff like that might help make it look less crowded. Happy to help if you’d like more of my two cents :)



    Yes @amylynn I love all of your ideas/input. I’m going to work on them today. And I REALLY appreciate your insight!!!!



    Hey, just thought I’d see how you were making out with your site.



    Hey Amy, I have made alot of the changes you mentioned and its not only functioning better it just LOOKS better overall. Check it out and let me know your new thoughts on it!



    I would personally add a border to the right hand side of the main navigation items. This would solve the cluttered navigation problem. See CSS below

    #subnav li a {
    border-right: 1px solid #c2c2c2;

    In addition I would reduce the amount of content on the home page to give a less cluttered feel.


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