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    I’m trying to add a post to a page… I’m not sure if I’m confused about how to create menus …pages & post.. so I’m gonna explain what I did…
    I created different pages which later I added to my main menu (primary menu). However, every time you click on the menu just see an empty page… What I would like to do to all menu tabs on my page (those on the primary menu bar)… is to create posts and put them under that specific menu tab, so that, when someone click on it …it will show all posts I intended to be under that tab. Is that possible? or I’m just dreaming :(
    here is my blog

    Thanks in advanced :D ..!!

    For example you want 5 posts to display under “People” option in menu.

    1. Make 5 different posts and assign people as category to those posts. (

    2. Then goto menu and add that ‘category’ url (by default it will be like to the menu.

    3. So when someone clicks on ‘people’ option in menu, all those 5 posts categorized under ‘people’ will appear.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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