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    Getting ready to launch our re-designed site using Metro-Pro. I’d love some feedback info on anything you find hard to navigate, that does not work as you expect or that isn’t where you think it should be.

    Thanks in advance for help trouble shooting!


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    Two things jump out at me right away:

    1. In the right column of the home page, I’d switch the social icons with the gear-ad graphic so the graphic lines up at the top with the slider to its left.

    2. I would keep the Sanchez type family going for all your headlines – your widget entry headers, marked up as h2, are Helvetica-Neue Bold. I do like the idea of a very bold headline on those entries; if Sanchez doesn’t have an extra-bold or a heavy, you could get by with adding Chunk Five, a Google font, or even Museo in the 900 weight. Both of those are so much bolder that most people won’t notice they’re not exactly Sanchez. ideally, you do want Sanchez in a 700 or 900 weight – I’m just not remembering if it exists.

    Other than those, I think you’re on your way! I like the vintage coloration of the social icons. And your imagery is very strong.

    One more thing: Might want to have someone proofread the headlines in your slider – which probably means across all your posts. Some Headlines Are in Title Case. Some are in sentence case. Some end with periods. Some don’t – and you might also want to check your possessives and compound modifiers. Where you have “The low-down on Ashevilles brewery scene,” I would write, “The lowdown on Asheville’s brewery scene.”

    Hope that helps!


    Be it ever so run down, there’s no place like FriendFeed. ;-)


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    Hey Mary –

    Thanks for the feed back – it is actually useful! We moved the site to the destination host yesterday and it was as smooth as can be expected when you forget about how WP uses serialized data…

    I took your advice and moved the ad for our store to the top. I miss the splash of color the social icons added, but I get what you’re saying about alignment. I’ll test the headlines. Making just the h1 a google font was conscious decision, but maybe it wasn’t the right one.

    As for proof reading – this, I suck at. I’ll have my partner look at it and will make this a priority for our intern when he comes in tomorrow.

    Thanks again for your input. It really helps A LOT!


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    You had me at beer!

    Looks great, but I would suggest changing the Red to another colour more inline with your colour palette

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    The site isn’t up at the moment.

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