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    Are these the best correct SEO settings for Genesis

    or should they be used in conjunction with Yoast Plugin

    If used in conjunction with Yoast plugin what are
    the correct settings?

    The reason I ask is that different documentation by developers
    on the net don’t agree so I’d like to know the official and best
    settings from the official source.




    You can’t use them together. Once you install Yoast, the Genesis SEO you current see in the sidebar will be removed. All SEO on your pages and posts will be replaced with Yoast. Please note: If you already have SEO in your site using the Genesis SEO or you are importing from another platform – you should use the SEO Data Transporter so you can import SEO from your other site or platform –


    Participant is it best SEO practice for Genesis child themes to stick with the settings recommended and not do anything else or to use the Yoast Plugin especially for new sites?




    Genesis vs Yoast could be a long debate on which is best tbh, but in my opinion it depends on the features you would like, both genesis and yoast will do a good job in your SEO efforts but Yoast has a lot more options, so its really down to personal preference.

    Heres a great article by Brad Dalton comparing both: Do Genesis Users Need To Install A SEO Plugin

    Just my two cents

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    FWIW, Yoast has made some changes to his SEO plugin that made it cause every site I had it on to run significantly slower. After testing out performances on those sites over the course of two weeks, I gave up, removed Yoast and went back to the default Genesis SEO settings. Speed & performance issues resolved.

    So over the past 8-10 months or so, I’ve stopped using Yoast SEO entirely.

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    Just Dave

    Never used Yoast myself and I have never had a problem with SEO, SERPs. etc..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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