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    Jonas Bystrom

    I am interested to understand or find out the best practice to add/modify to style.css (and functions.php) of a *child* theme.
    (I have currently made my changes directly into these files (Executive child, but understand this is not the proper way to do it.)
    – But what is proper way? Anyone knowing and willing to “enlighten” me?

    I tried to create my own style.css in a separate folder referring to “Template : executive” as i read I should do. But, error messages make me understand (?) i can not do that to/with a child theme. I.e. I cannot make a child theme to a child theme. This is how i understand it, might be wrong though.  (I could make a child to genesis OK, but i then assume all the things in Executive is obsolete … and i just wanted to change a few things in Executive. The green color for instance, to our corporate green.)

    – What is the best practice to add to style.css and functions.php of a child theme (Executive in my case)?

    Would be very glad if anyone could try to make me understand this.
    In my case it would be for green: a) to add a definition of the “complianza-green” in style.css (or elsewhere) and  to add the Complianza-green to the drop down list seen in Theme Settings (functions.php).

    Thanks, Jonas
    *my very first post here*



    Except Prose, edit the style.css and functions.php file of the child theme directly. Updates come via Genesis. If a child theme is updated it will be in 2 categories

    Minor: These updates may or may not need to be applied. If they do need to be applied then there will be patch update instructions. Otherwise ignore them. It probably addresses something that won’t matter to your already customized site

    Major: This is an update like 1.0 to 2.0. These updates should be thought of as a new theme. If you saw Executive 1.0 it wouldn’t look anything like 2.0. They are two different themes. Stay with your current version unless you want to start customizing a new theme.

    In short, edit the child theme files directly and update Genesis.


    Jonas Bystrom

    Aaah, OK.
    That’s makes sense.
    I’ll take/use your advise and just continue to edit the *child* theme (Executive) files.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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