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    wp guy

    Is there any difference in uploading a new image (example, logo or background) in the image folder (cpanel) rather than uploading it into the media center in your dashboard and pasting link in the stylesheet?

    I recently had a client who couldn’t give me access to their hosting account (had to get their login info) so in the mean time I changed their background just by pasting the image path into bg.png. He actually got ticked and say that wasn’t “best practices”  – gave me his hosting account info and wanted me to re-do it through the image folder.



    Jan Ruehling

    When you upload the image through the backend the image is saved in the “uploads” folder … on the server :-) In the mean time wordpress resizes it and saves a copy in thumbnail, medium, full etc depending on what is registered in the functions.php of the theme. …

    Good practice or not … it takes server space but it is on the server as any other image .. so why not …

    A different thing is when the changes should be permanent in the theme … then the image is an asset and belongs definitely into the theme folder …

    When the uploads are organized in date based folders … the default in WP … the image link will break as soon as another install is used …

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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