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    I have just started a blog at:

    I have created a few categories with the main one taking the same name as the site which will be used as the default category for posts but when I click on the category from the main blog page it takes me to a blank white page, why is this?

    The URL is in theory:
    and whether I reach it from the blog page or via the WP Dashboard > Categories > View etc. it still does the same.

    Is it to do with the custom permalinks I have activated? I need it for the pages and as a result I created the blog category URL myself as /blog/category/the-window-shutter-company. Perhaps it should be left as /the-window-shutter-company? That wouldn’t make sense though….??



    I think you have a problem with your custom permalinks. I suggest you use the postname structure.



    I have the custom permalinks plugin installed to be able to keep some of the page URLs the same from the original site as this is a revamp (e.g. so without that I wouldn’t know how to keep some of the pages with a .html extension otherwise I only ever use the postname structure.

    Is there any other way around the permalinks settings?



    If its only a few pages you could install the redirection plugin and create redirects using the plugin settings or on your server using .htaccess file. Then you can use the normal permalinks rather than the plugin.

    What happens when you deactivate the plugin? And can you link to the custom permalinks plugin.



    Thanks brad,

    I’ll look into the redirection plugin for those pages and in the meantime I have deactivated the custom permalinks (which is this one: ) but nothing changes and the category and author pages are still blank.

    I know that plugin states there’s no support offered so it may be worth doing the redirections as you suggest anyway in addition to finding out why those pages are blank?



    Are you using custom page templates for the category and author pages? If so, check that there’s not an issue in those template files. Are you running any kind of caching plugin that needs to be cleared since you disabled the permalinks plugin?

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    Hi, nope there’s no custom page templates at all, just using the standard template offering. No caching plugin either??




    I am still having this issue on this site and the blog category pages are still showing up blank.

    As an additional issue I am now having the same issue on another site!!

    Both have the latest versions but the B&H site does not have any different permalink structure that the Windows site does so it has to be something different surely?

    In addition, this morning I updated the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin and suddenly the Posts page via the Dashboard went completely blank and knowing the Simple Hooks plugin was a culprit another time I deactivated it and suddenly the pages issue has now been resolved but I am wondering whether it has some knock on effect to create this blank category (and archive) page issue??

    On this page for example:
    If you click on any blog category or archive entry they come up blank.

    ADDITIONAL INFO: is running WP 3.5.2 and Genesis 1.9.2 is running WP 3.6.1 and Genesis 2.0.1

    Any ideas anyone??





    I enabled debugging and found that one of the functions was now deprecated. I updated it but it’s still not showing but the theme (both these problem sites use the ASSOCIATE theme) was no longer compatible after WP 3.4. We are now at 3.6.1

    I’m pretty sure this is happening because we are running an old version of the theme.

    I bought the theme again but….it’s the same version and still the same error:

    Notice: add_custom_background is deprecated since version 3.4! Use add_theme_support( ‘custom-background’, $args ) instead. in /home/brighton/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2900

    I have updated the code and the error has gone but now no errors and still a blank page.

    Any feedback at all??




    Try this:

    //* Add support for custom background
    add_theme_support( ‘custom-background’, array( ‘wp-head-callback’ => ‘__return_false’ ) );

    Or you could install the Easy Backstretch plugin.

    Looks like you have a problem with your permalinks as your urls are wrong. Did you redirect them in .htaccess or install your blog in another directory?

    This won’t work

    This will



    Hi Brad,

    The blog posts from the previous website for were imported, hence the new blog directory and we’ve had it working fine on other sites in similar situations so is it that they are actually wrong – or just incompatible with the Associate theme?

    It’s currently being looked at by a programmer to see what the issue is as we’re convinced it’s an Associate theme issue. While brightonandhove may have a blog sub-directory and windowshutters may have a custom permalink plugin to modify the URLs (again, because it’s a revamped site and we wanted to preserve the previous URLs), we also have it here:

    This site again uses the Associate theme and again, has blank pages under the categories but has been a new site, no revamp, no imported blog etc. Not all 3 sites are using the same version of WP or Genesis but they are all using the Associate theme.

    The programmer will hopefully pull out something as we build a good amount of websites using Studiopress themes and Associate is a very flexible one so it would be a shame to be put off using it if we can’t find a reason why this is happening. Will see if there’s anything I can come back to you with after someone has had a look into each of those sites, unless the new info helps or gives an idea as to what this may be?

    Thanks again,



    Hi again,

    Believe it or not I’ve just come across yet another site we’ve done that has the same issue, again with the Associate theme and a site we have running Agency does not have the same problem at all but a more programmer minded contact has managed to source the problem.

    In his words:

    “In short there is an index.php file in your child theme which is blank. This was overriding the genesis theme and giving a blank page.”

    So there we go! Not sure if we have been uploading the same corrupt theme folder or whether this is an issue in the main download of the theme?

    Problem solved for the moment though!





    It sounds like someone has added it to the original copy of the child theme after being downloaded.

    I’ve never seen a index file in any SP child theme.

    Glad you found the problem and an easy fix.

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