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    This is a call for help.

    Bluehost just sent me an email saying that my site based on Curtail 1.0 ( is using PHP 5.2. They want to phase this out and want me to upgrade to 5.4. However when I get to Bluehost they have all these choices and variations of PHP and I’m at a loss as to which one to choose:

    BlueHost PHP choices

    Any clues?

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    IMO just go to the standard 5.4 version. I’m assuming they’re using just the standard LAMP stack i.e Apache, MySQL , PHP and not some fancy nginx incarnation. MySQL will probably be 5.5+ which is fine and Apache either 2.2 or 2.4, probably the former for now.

    PHP 5.4 is fine with WP and is much improved over 5.2 and 5.3 both of which are end-of-life streams. We’re on 5.5 atm with 5.4 the legacy stream. Hosts are always a stream behind at least.



    Upgraded to 5.4 and don’t see anything wrong. Thx everyone.



    I also received this message. When I selected PHP 5.4 my site is now a blank white page, what should I do?

    Thank you…



    I’m sorry, but can’t help as I never encountered this problem. Maybe the good people at Studiopress could chime in. :)



    I am habving the same problem – white screen after I update to php5.4

    had been runnoing on 5.2


    Jeannie Barker

    Any solution for the white screen after host upgraded to PHP 5.4?



    If you’re using cPanel, go to your website home directory and see if there’s a file “error_log” there. Edit that, and you should see PHP related errors in there that might help narrow down what’s causing the WSOD.

    You might also try editing wp-config.php and changing WP_DEBUG to “true”, and see if that prints any errors out on the white screen of death.

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