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    The latest update to Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin (1.5.x) causes the Genesis breadcrumbs to disappear. You can turn on the breadcrumb functionality in WP SEO from the plugin’s Internal Links settings page and see if the WP SEO breadcrumbs will work for you. However, if you’ve done any breadcrumb customizations via the “genesis_breadcrumb_args” filter, they will not be used by WP SEO.

    Just posting this in case anyone comes here wondering what happened to their breadcrumbs. Seems like it should be WP SEO that provides a fix for this… hopefully one is available soon.



    Thanks for your post – I came to the forum with exactly the problem you describe and have now fixed it!

    Appreciate you taking the time to post the issue here: saved me a lot of time.



    The function_exists( 'yoast_breadcrumb' ) check in the framework doesn’t work in the most recent version of WordPress SEO (v. due to a change in the way the function is made available through the class now (since 1.5).

    See Issue 795 on GitHub



    Yeah — I noticed this break for a while. Fortunately, Yoast seo breadcrumb works for me




    I seem to be experiencing the same problem. I removed the breadcrumb customizations in my child theme’s functions and changed the seo internal links ‘Taxonomy to show in breadcrumbs for:’ to category but they are still not showing up. Not sure if this would cause a difference, but I should mention that some of my top level navigation is set to an empty link. Would this cause any issues? I appreciate any suggestions since this defeats the purpose of the breadcrumbs for my site.


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