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    Joseph Lee

    I have installed buddypress. I then installed the genesis plugin. I then installed my theme’s packet; however, the them I am using has been seriously modified (moved the nav bars, changed a lot of css, added some widget areas etc…). I did the buddypress set up wizard. It tells me to go to appearance then to a sub setting. The subsetting doesn’t exist. I forever see in the top left of my screen “buddy press is installed go to the wizard setup.”  I am pretty irritated cause Studio Press doesn’t give any information on anything they are doing. I am new to buddypress. I don’t know what any of these steps were to accomplish, not that they worked apparently. Nothing is different in my wordpress install. No new widgets or anything.



    If you are having problems with BuddyPress you should seek assistance on the WP forums.

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    Joseph Lee

    The BuddyPress Template Pack will guide you through the process of manually editing your existing theme. It comes with a step-by-step guide and involves copying the BuddyPress template files into your theme. This option requires knowledge of CSS and HTML. You will need to tweak the new templates to match your existing theme.

     Choose this option (go to Appearance → BP Compatibility after setup is complete)

    Plugin Installed



    There is no BP Compatability under Appearance. I have looked everywhere.


    Joseph Lee

    This is a Genesis plugin problem…



    Did you install the GenesisConnect plugin for Buddypress?


    Joseph Lee

    I had to uninstall everything then reinstall it all. It’s working now. Thank you anitac for attempting to help.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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