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    My client wants premium directory listings, Multi Site with premium upgrades and a membership site all included in their own site.

    I would like to keep this all on the one domain.

    Any examples, feedback, suggestions or experiences are welcome. Thanks



    Are they going to allow other people to set up there own websites via the multisite?


    Tony @ AlphaBlossom

    Hi Brad,

    Not sure if it helps or not, but the new BuddyPess 1.7 should be released soon. The new 1.7 is made to work with any WP theme. I’ve been trying out the trunk version with multisite and a custom Genesis child theme and haven’t had any issues with integrating it.




    Hi anitac
    Yes. He wants to offer free sub sites with premium upgrades. Not sure how to set this up as far as the domain management side of things are concerned.

    Hi Tony
    Sounds good!
    Any ideas of which membership plugin works best with all these for allowing both free and premium memberships?


    Tony @ AlphaBlossom

    Not sure if these will do what you need, but take a look at:




    There are plugins available that will let you map a user’s domain so they can use their own domain as a premium service (works with both subfolders and subdirectories):



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    Thanks for the suggestions Anitac & Tony.

    He’s was using DirectoryPress, Wishlist and also wants a forum, membership site for paid directory listings and MU.

    His site was loading in 28 seconds and i got it down to 3 by changing pretty much everything.

    I installed s2 member as i have used it before a few times and deleted Wishlist, DirectoryPress and 20 something other plugins he did have installed.

    So now i have to configure everything.

    Not sure i like WPMU plugins. Read a post about them from a user that says the free plugins are better but i guess Pro Sites would be good to offer custom upgrades.

    I do actually have a problem now which is causing the sites background to be messed up on certain pages like the Activate and Register pages.

    Header image is also shortened after installing the plugins i mentioned earlier.

    I’m using the Outreach theme and hope i can keep it.

    I don’t any experience with setting up BuddyPress or BBPress so i guess its going to be a big learning experience!

    Not sure there’s a better option.



    I have Buddypress currently set up using Outreach on a current client project. If you would like to see it and talk, just send me an email. We can set up a time so you can view my screen using Join.me if you want.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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