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    Using the executive theme, at least 1 week ago I was playing with background images for the footer widget area. this morning at home I was continuing on with my site feeling pretty good about it but as always think it is a good idea to view sites on different computers, monitors, operating systems etc so on this other computer I see this ugly background image in the footer that I had not only removed from the editor but also from the server I thought. What goes on here? I can’t see it in the editor anywhere so I don’t know how to remove it. Can anyone else see it?

    David Chu

    I don’t see any strange image in the footer or footer widgets. I see a vid, a map, and a cabin pic.


    Dave Chu · Custom WordPress Developer – likes collaborating with Designers



    thanks Dave, it is very strange to me, I know IE is a bit quirky but after investigating further from my 1 computer at home Google Chrome and Firefox are fine but IE on 3 different computers show the original css colors, ie; not my custom styles I’ve listed below..
    *top navigation bar should be red
    *links and contact button in the middle should be a darker blue
    *headings in the sidebar should be a teal background color
    *the genesis responsive slider excerpt background should be #222
    *no background image in the footer section
    *viewing the site in IE
    And, on 2 different computers at work both with IE and same operating systems 1shows the background image in the footer and the other doesn’t. Weird. I don’t know how to make the changes for IE???
    Can anyone help me with this? thankyou


    David Chu

    That is one of the wackiest things I’ve seen, and I get around. ;) I’m running IE9, and doing a force refresh, ctl-F5, I knocked out the footer background, but the weird colors are still above. I tried this, too.

    This reminds me of the omnipresent Safari cache problem, where I’ll make a change, and the client who is running that browser on Mac doesn’t see the changes until 4 days later.

    I even looked for IE specific CSS code, which many people use (not me), none was obvious, although this can happen at the PHP level, too.

    This is so weird that maybe something is wrong with your hosting’s server and its caching. But why would all other browsers work? Very hard to say, no obvious fix. Possibly a specialist needed.

    Good luck,

    Dave Chu · Custom WordPress Developer – likes collaborating with Designers



    Thankyou for your post David. I still saw the background image this morning on my home computer with IE and deleted the browsing history. That removed it and it is also gone now from the 2 work computers thank god but my custom css heading colors and menu bar color are still the original.
    thanks again..



    so… now I am home again and 3 browsers view identical with my custom css colors and no background image in the footer anymore. the 2 computers at work no longer are showing the background image in the footer but the color changes I made still haven’t changed. Weird, weird, weird.



    What operating system is your home computer and what is the one at work? I had a problem with a client last night that the site looked one way in her old desktop using Window XP versus her laptop which has Windows 7.


    Gary Jones

    I could also see the oddities on IE10, but switching to other Browser Modes made it disappear, and clearing the browser cache and trying again in IE10 mode still had it fixed.

    My only other thought before that was to check if there was some odd redirect going on – either a Redirect plugin, or something in a .htaccess file, likely in the root of the site, but potentially in any directory down the wp-content/themes/executive path.

    I guess it’s possible that Islandnet or some other proxy cache in between us and your site were holding on to an old version of the style sheet, but it would be odd to be looking at UA strings before deciding which version to serve.

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