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    I have submitted a ticket with this question, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to find out if anyone else here has run into this and come up with a solution.

    I stopped using Yoast SEO back in 2012 because it started behaving like crap, and making all my Genesis sites I had it installed on perform like turtles stuck in molasses. I wasn’t the only one, and it happened on more than one webhost, and Joost never did come up with a reason why so many Genesis folks experienced the slowdowns, nor was it ever fixed that I can tell. So I removed it and went back to the builtin Genesis SEO.

    Now I find myself in search of a decent plugin to generate sitemap.xml files because the main one out there has had some severe issues over the past 6 months, and he’s only made it worse with his new version (dynamically generated only, and always when a site is updated with no way to turn that off… no thank you).

    So I installed Yoast SEO on a client site in order to test out how well it does XML Sitemaps, but I did not enable the SEO portion, and had no intention of using it.

    But just having Yoast SEO plugin active makes the Genesis SEO options disappear, which is problematic. Is there a way to get the Genesis SEO options back since I’m not using the Yoast SEO options at all? I didn’t enable them, and don’t plan to, so it seems to me like Genesis should check to see if that subsystem is active before disabling itself, not just if the Yoast SEO plugin is installed and active.

    So, has anyone run across this, and Is there a way to make the Genesis SEO options stay active when Yoast is active but with the SEO portion disabled?

    Or does anyone have a better sitemaps plugin suggestion as an alternative to Google XML Sitemaps?

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    I’ve been using Simple Google Sitemap XML for quite awhile on multiple sites and it works very well.

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    I’ve used Yoast and Genesis for years. You are correct – the built in functions of Genesis will turn off when you activate Yoast. Genesis settings are similar to the Yoast’s WordPress SEO settings – which may or may not cause duplication of settings and meta tags. But, Yoast does include more functionality.

    I love the Yoast plugin. The excerpt ability, open graph, etc – and have never had any ranking problems. In fact, I’ve used it on sites with hundreds of thousands of hits a month.

    The only issue I have run into is that rel=next and rel=prev overwrite each other.

    If you are just looking for a simple xml sitemap, I agree with nuts and bolts. If you need help setting up Yoast plugin, Id be happy to help.

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    And StudioPress support confirms that it’s all or nothing with Yoast SEO… when it’s enabled, Genesis SEO is disabled, doesn’t matter if the Yoast SEO module is active or not.

    The problem I have with Yoast SEO isn’t SEO, it’s the crap overhead that destroys website performance. The SEO configurations from Yoast slows down websites to the point of ridiculousness, and I’m not the only Genesis user who’s reported this type of hit. In 3 instances, adding 15-25 seconds (or more) to load times.

    I used to think the plugin was okay, but ever since he released version 1.5.0, I had nothing but performance issues with it thru 3 updates, and now I hate it with a blind irrational rage :) And no, I don’t think I was being too quick… I stuck through it for 4-5 months, and the problem never improved until I dropped the plugin entirely and went back to Genesis SEO. Funny thing, in two cases my site rankings improved after I dropped Yoast because my page speed response times climbed back up to the normal range.

    Because he uses Gensis and doesn’t have a problem with it on his sites, it seems that he dismisses or doesn’t take seriously reports of other people using Genesis who have similar performance problems with the plugin, or he suggests that they move to one of the premium (ie, expensive) WP optimized hosting options and sometime promotes his affiliate link to do so. Not a helpful response, and not an attitude that will incline me towards using it for SEO purposes ever again.

    Okay, that’s enough rant for today :)

    I will just continue to use an older version of Google XML Sitemaps, and just try various XML sitemap plugins I come across until I find something else, eventually.

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