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    Hi there,
    My file URLs have this structure:

    Problem is I have uploaded FILENAME.jpeg in hundreds of locations but it needs to be edited.

    If I upload another file with the same name its URL will be:
    Because we are in December. So even if I do that, it won’t swap the old image with the new one.

    I’ve tried and changed the date on my computer to 1 month ago, but when uploading a file it still picks up December.

    How would you fix this? How would you swap the hundreds of old FILENAME.jpg with the new updated version?
    Is there any way I can upload a file and get it to show /11/ in the URL?

    Hope what I wrote makes sense,
    it’s 2am and am in New Zealand after they took all my food at the airport and hadn’t been able to find a restaurant or a shop for where I am!!!!


    Use ftp to upload / swap / delete any file by browsing to this folder “/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/”



    Are you uploading the files into the Media Library directly, or via the actual posts they are attached to?

    If you edit the post the images are in, and upload a new image, it will have the date of the post. I’ve added new images on posts from 2004, and they went into the 2004/month folder.


    I meant using ftp to upload and replace specific images directly from back-end. Have you tried that before?



    Yes. I’ve done that numerous times with files that have the exact same name, but for what Fabio wants to do, it won’t seamlessly replace what he’s using because he wants to change all the files from .jpeg to .jpg

    So uploading the new file names with FTP won’t change the media links/attachments in all his existing posts.

    Been there, done that one too :)



    Thanks everybody for the replies!
    @summer: the jpeg/jpg is a typo
    the only difference between the two files is in the month 11 november and 12 december.

    I haven’t been able to try any of the suggestions here yet (I’m writing from the apple store at the airport) but I will and post here my results.

    The files had been uploaded to my media library and then from there inserted hundred times inside posts.

    Thanks summer and Davinder



    In that case, FTP is likely your best option.

    You can delete the file (and all of it’s alternate sizes), upload the new version of the same name, and then go to the Media Library and run Regenerate Thumbnails on the image you replaced so that the other sizes are also generated from the updated file.



    Cool FTP worked nice and smoothly.
    Thank you very much!

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